Newsletter (Round Robin) February 2020

Happy New Year- especially if you have been able to get the car out between the showers, the tons of salt on the roads and the potholes that we pay lots of council tax for.

Well the AGM has been and gone and you are saddled with the same people as before so its your own fault if you did not make your feelings known!

We have had invites to the following:

1) 16th/February/2020 - Meguiars office on at Daventry to see the black art of vehicle detailing. I have been using one of their products Quik Wax for some time and it does give the car a good finish, as you know if you have seen my TR its no show Queen but used regularly (its amazing how much shopping you can get in the boot). If you are interested contact me.

2) 12-14th/June/2020 - Dave Worne of Derbyshire Dales Group has e-mailed me with details of their Peak trip, again if you are interested let me know.


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