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TR4A passenger side window mechanism

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Hi Guys,

Thought I had finished with doors, but suddenly I am having difficulty with winding the drivers door window fully down. It is  OK until about 2-3 inches from fully down when it gets very tight. Took a while to discover that when adjusting the lower door hinge I used a longer bolt which pushed the forward channel inwards!  It always was a bit tight  I had removed the winder mechanism to check before this was noticed, doh! 

However when putting the mechanism back in it is unclear what the sequence of plain /thackery washers is on the Pivot bolt. 

I presume the Thackery spring washer is to allow some flexability in this area so the sequence is important through the double skin in this area, although no detail is mentioned in the HB, especially the large washer on the inside skin of the door under the securing nut.  It seems quite a difficult finger juggling exercise to feed the mechanism into place and get the Pivot bolt located and everything in position anyway.

If anybody can provide a sectional diagram of how the Pivot secures the mechanism to the door this would be a great help.

My passenger door works beautifully so I must have got that one right, but I'm not going to take that one apart to find out the sequence!



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If you look at the diagram of parts on the Moss site it shows the order they should be used.


From the diagram and parts list it looks like, for a 4A,  Plain/Thakery/Plain/Nut



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