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gear box leak on input shaft

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this is a very interesting notice form John L from the post "gearbox breather hole",

unfortunately lost on the big TR6 heap, not to find anymore, but easy to find on the issue "gearbox" with a (one day?) different structure of this forum.

Interesting for all TR2-6 gear boxes, not only TR6.



"I also found that the front seal on the input shaft can leak,

this has been because the bearing has a circlip that can turn in use,

it has to be positioned so the slot co insides with the return hole in the casting,

or the circlip will block the oils return to the box. Of course there is no mention of the importance of this in the manual.



End quote

With my work to modify the input cover or the "hydraulic clutch release bearing" I asked myself several times what this pit is for on the cover...


Now it seems to me the bearing is like an impeller, for example like on the water pump,

pumping oil from the gearbox behind the bearing, and the pit is for the flow back to the gearbox to avoid any pressure on the lip seal, as John told.

On my cover and with an old bearing / circlip it is some part covered, the circlip could be shorter.


If this is the intention there should be something like this also on the outgoing shaft of the gearbox.

Sorry, I have no gearbox out to check, but same should be on the differential?!

And indeed, there is an overflow.


From between bearing and lip seal return to the gearbox.


Interesting to know or not?

Ciao, Marco

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