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TR6 Running

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Hi Guy's

I need some expert advice please.

Just started my 6 after a nut and bolt resto, tuned it up ok with strobe.

My problem is that its running to fast what ever i do with the air bleed adj and worst of all the exhaust manifold and and S/S exhaust pipe is glowing cherry red, oil press is good, water temp spot on, what is causing this.

If there is any member who lives close I would be willing to part with beer tokens for some help, post code IP16 4DU 19 Haylings Grove.


Any thoughts would be grateful



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Cherry red exhaust under no load indicates late timing. If you have a PI check the timing making sure that you have no vacuum advance- you may know that PI's were not fitted with these although some replacement distributors have it.


If you still have high speed idling issues you need to check vacuum at idle. I use the brake booster connection for the gauge and my car needs 10 inches Hg at idle.

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A few basics......

Start from scratch.

Remove the air box

Remove the valve cover

Ensure the choke cable is not holding the throttles open

Ensure the choke cable where it attaches to the MU is not holding the choke on (the lever should be fully aft)

Check all the butterfly’s are fully closed. (Some say that a 0.002 inch feeler should be a sliding fit.)

Check the inlet manifold is snug up on the face of the head.

Unscrew the air bleed half way.

Check the timing again. So get the no.1 piston at TDC and check the timing mark agrees. Both valves closed.

For starters if you have points fitted. Set the crank to about 10deg BTDC and the rotor arm pointing to no. 1 cylinder. Adjust the distributor so the points are just about to open.

If still running at an excessively high rpm.....Disconnect or clamp the vacuum hose to the brake servo. In case it has failed. Do remember to reconnect afterwards.

When you get it running at a sensible rpm then adjust using the strobe.

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Cheers guys, I will try these suggestions tomorrow and let you know how I get on.


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