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Classic car Restoration & Repair - salisbury

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Anybody ever used a company called Classic Car Restoration & Repair based in Salisbury?


I'm thinking about a complete body off respray, and their prices seem reasonable.


I'm going to go down for a look around before I decide, but wondered if anybody has any experience.







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I have known CCRR for best part of 20 years. It was set up by Pete Marks (early 80's?) who was a VERY keen TR2 owner. Most 'old' register members will remember Pete.

CCRR is now owned by Ian Slark who has run the business for some years. His father runs the engine tune up business next door.

Ian did some of the difficult welding during the restoration of Grommitt when I had lost enthusiasm and ran out of time. The results are far better than I would have achieved myself in twice the time and I am well pleased with the result.

Probably the main thing about Ian is that he will take the time to understand what you want and how much you can afford and then does the job accordingly.

He is usually well booked up with work and you may need to reserve space in his schedule in good time.



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I've had experience of work done both in Peter's time and since Ian has taken over.


In the mid 90's Pete did a full body restoration on my TR3 including a full spray job.


The work on the body restoration was first class and it still excellent (better than many you see in the concourse). The spray job was also very good but at the time Pete had experience of several resprays  where the paint skin had begun to cracki due to adhesion problems with the primer. This also happened to mine!


I know he was at his wits end over this at the time and had started legal action against ICI.


Shortly after this Pete sold the business so I never did get to know what happened over the legal issue and the few piant cracks on my car never did get fixed - although I never pushed the point.


when Ian took over he did some minor body restoration on my TR4 ( in otherwise original condition) and also a full respray (call me a glutton for punishment) - this was shortly after he'd taken over - about 6 years ago from memory.


Again the body repairs were first class and the paint finish - in cellulose was one of the best I've seen - and no cracking.


It's still as good as new today and all for a reasonable cost.


Ian should have some pics of both cars he can show you.



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We have had both our cars restored at CCRR. One in the time of Peter Marks, the other when Ian Slark took charge. Both are still looking good and can ben seen on the Chiltern TRs website at  www.chiltern-trs.co.uk/rebuilds.htm .


Peter Marks reluctantly had to give up the fight with ICI over compensation as it had cost him just about all he owned and was likely to drag on forever. He decided to sell the business to Ian Slark (his apprentice) and another guy called Keith Nimmo. Ian subsequently took sole ownership. Peter, now totally disappointed, retired to teach wind surfing at Poole.


Ian is a good, reliable guy; his work seems to just get better and better. His father (Brian), and his brother, build race engines in anothet part of the building.


Hope that helps.



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