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Sump's off and..............

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Some one smarter might want to verify this ....but..


According to your measurements of the old TW's the existing front one is .019" thicker than the normal standard size

and the existing rear is .012 thicker than standard.

That gave you an endfloat of .157"

Lets suppose the 2 exisiting TW's were the standard size of .092. If that were the case the endfloat would be .188"

.188 minus .007 = .181"

.181 is the total amount thicker that your new TW's need to be to get .007 end float.

If all my figuring is correct, you might not find a combination of 2 off the shelf TW's to take up that much space.

Further, if this is really and truly the case, I just have to suspect there has been some damage (wear) to the crank and/or the engine block.

It would be worth having someone who knows what to look for check it out.

As for me, I believe I've done my calculations correctly, but I'll admit I'm not as sharp as I used to be, so I won't take offense if proven wrong..

In a way, for your sake ,fox, I hope I am.

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I think I need 38 thou, so 1 x +20 plus 1 x +15 will give me +35 oversize. Could even do 2 x +20 either way the dti gauge should give me a more accurate measurement once the new t/w's are in.

I'm like you, I think the end float is horrific, she's been bored before at some point but looking at the crank & journals + the old shells, nothing jumps out & says 'knackered'.

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Poolboy: Andy a little further back came up with this formula,


Thrust washers are fairly easy to sort out. The movement of the the crank is a specific distance. The best way to measure is to find the maximum movement divide by 2 and work out the right size washers to put in allowing for the float.

My maths is probably worse than yours, but I still get the .38 thou figure, what do you reckon?

My end float is nearly twice the recommended, so an easy equation is I need nearly twice what I have now, so hopefully my 38 thou isn't far out......................unless? :(

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You kind of lost me with the ".38 thou" unit of measurement so I'll use "mm"

0.152mm to 0.203mm is the acceptable end float distance, but your measurement with the existing TW's is 0.40

Standard TW's are 2.34mm thick

Your front TW is .48mm thicker than std

Your rear TW is .31mm thicker than std

Combined that's .79mm

So with standard TW's (2.34mm) in place of the existing TW's the endfloat would be 1.19mm.

If you wanted 0.16 mm endfloat the two new TW's would have to be a TOTAL of 1.03mm thicker than the standard 2.34mm TW's

Between the logic and the math...my brain has really been pushed to it's limits...plus our Super Bowl is playing in the background so like I said earlier, I'm open to correction.. :wacko:

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