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  1. Cotswold: for the sake of £35'ish, I would buy one of those carb balancers off eBay, they're worth their weight in gold. What I found was that if I balanced them on tickover she was still a little lumpy on take off, but, get the revs around 2000 rpm use the carb balancer & set those babies up & im sure you'll find a huge difference. Don't give up, I had a dog of a runner but like you, replaced virtually everything & she's now as good as she's going to be!
  2. Slight cock-up on the lubrication front today. Thought I had a can of Millers Classic 20/50 in the garage, only to find it was empty (why do we keep empty cans?) so rushed down to Halfords, looks reminiscent of the old Duckhams Q........green! Has anyone any views or thoughts on this oil? No idea who actually manufacturers Halfords oil, do you? Thanks Nick.
  3. My only excuse is "I told you so!' and that relates to my lack of any degree of mathematics, basic sums are notable by their absense as well! So, there's me telling everyone & their dog I 'need +38 thou' in thrust washers to gain the end-float I require. New thrust washers arrived this morning, +30's.......+15's...........+5's. The +30's looked like the side of 9/16th open ended spanner!!! WTF? In the end, I used a standard & a +5 oversize......all sorted! Where the **** did +38 come from. By the way, I have an un-used pair of +30's & +25's if anyone has a wide end-flo
  4. Poolboy: Andy a little further back came up with this formula, Thrust washers are fairly easy to sort out. The movement of the the crank is a specific distance. The best way to measure is to find the maximum movement divide by 2 and work out the right size washers to put in allowing for the float. My maths is probably worse than yours, but I still get the .38 thou figure, what do you reckon? My end float is nearly twice the recommended, so an easy equation is I need nearly twice what I have now, so hopefully my 38 thou isn't far out......................unless?
  5. I've ordered HQ shells & mains from Revington TR, they say they're as near to VP2's as you can get so possibly worth a call to Rob at Revington TR? My end float was 15.7 thou even worse! Happy days!
  6. I think I need 38 thou, so 1 x +20 plus 1 x +15 will give me +35 oversize. Could even do 2 x +20 either way the dti gauge should give me a more accurate measurement once the new t/w's are in. I'm like you, I think the end float is horrific, she's been bored before at some point but looking at the crank & journals + the old shells, nothing jumps out & says 'knackered'.
  7. Kevo: Is that bottom end in pieces yet?
  8. Got it............took a while, but I got it!
  9. I'm going to regret this Neil................what's SPMPW..............
  10. Thanks Poolboy, well here goes with my maths input: end float measured with a dti gauge (with t/w below) 0.157 thou (0.40mm) rear T/W 0.104 thou (2.65mm) front T/W 0.111 thou (2.82mm) going by what I have read before, thickness of old washers (0.215) + crank tolerance (0.007) = 0.222 thou. 2 standard thrust washers = 0.184 which means I have to find +38 thou from somewhere? If I wanted to use 'off the shelf' thrust
  11. Then Chris Witor it will be! Nothing like a recommendation & an +1 from Neil makes it even better!
  12. Seems I was getting myself into a bit of a tizzy trying to calculate the thrust washers I need. Turned out that after my calculating in metric I hadn't realised that the thrust washers were in imperial. Hopefully if my calculator is correct, I need +20's on each side or a mixture to get to 40 thou. Thanks to everyone who gave their advice, as usual, much appreciated. Nick.
  13. Sorted the T/W's hopefully (+20's) & the last thing to check is the oil pump. Seems it's seen better days, scored & a little too much play for my liking. I need a new oil pump but remember reading on here that several new pumps had worse tolerances than their owners old pumps. If I buy a new pump, can someone point me in the right direction for a good quality oil pump from a quality source? Much appreciated Nick.
  14. Thanks Andy, I'm having problems working out the maths on the measurements above, one part of me thinks I need massive wide T/W's!
  15. Denis, I've read a lot about Scott Helms which is an avenue I may have to take. Looking at my measurements above, I need a 'wide' T/W? which now worries me! Nick.
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