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  1. "Mad dogs and Englishmen"
  2. poolboy

    Spark plugs

    I learned about those NGK triple electrode plugs and Green Spark Plug Co.from this Forum...I think about 7 years ago. I went with the #6's but I couldn't get what I considered a clean burn, so I went with the 5's...They seem to be just right...Here's a recent picture of plugs from cylinders One and Six with the ZS carbs fueling them
  3. That's been worth saving. Over the years I've passed this link to M/M's posting along to several people....it works....Tanks Mick
  4. I couldn't tell you which came out of which. I've seen air valves with single digit numbers, numbers in the teens and numbers in the 20's..all from TR6 carbs
  5. It is..and what you have called "vacuum advance" just might be the vacuum retard.. The vacuum Retard module is on the cockpit side of the distributor...the vacuum Advance module IF you have one will be on the other side of the distributor.
  6. That's the route I took....
  7. The one for the post 72 carbs was a solid single wire inner and there was no return spring on the fast idle cam The pre 73 cables were multi stranded wire inner cable and because there was a return spring, the cable knob had a twist to lock feature. You can use either one if you know what modifications to make...
  8. poolboy

    PDWA valve.

    The switch is just where the leak from perished shuttle seals show up..The switch is not designed to withstand the hydraulic pressure.
  9. What kind of problems are you having with the ZS carbs ?
  10. Left hand drive but I think this is what Steve is describing
  11. If it's 1/2 to 21/2 per 100, wouldn't that be 5 to 25g per 1000g or do I need to go back to math class ?
  12. Same on the Smiths US speedometers...2 sets of numbers...the big ones are mph and the smaller are kph
  13. I know we don't speak the same language in the US as you guys in the UK, but I'm thinking Ernest is asking about the gasket for the sump (oil pan), when he says "crankcase cover gasket" not the timing cover gasket... Am I wrong ?
  14. Yes, the size Drewmotty posted
  15. Little late getting here....that hole, I'd call it a 'blind hole'...it's about 2 inches deep with no opening that I know of...If you put a vacuum on it, the vacuum holds. Glad you did what you did, Richard Blanking off the TBV is a fairly common practice...even if it's properly adjusted to open only during engine braking, it's diaphragm will eventually stiffen up, split or crack and mess up your idle. I don't care much for keeping the Temperature Compensators active or enabled either
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