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Quality customer service from Powerlite

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I thought that this is worth bringing to your attention.


Four and a half years ago I installed a Hi Torque starter motor into my TR4, the unit came from Powerlite, Brierley Hill in the West Midlands, and it had run faultlessly over that time up until recently. In March I thought there was an indication that something was up, but it was only temporary so forgot about it until Saturday when the car failed to start totally. After a little bit of diagnosis I concluded that the drive gear had failed so decided to take the starter motor out. As it was a Bank Holiday weekend I couldn't contact Powerlite to see if they offer a refurbishment service until the Tuesday, but when I did they confirmed they do. The unit went off to them on the Tuesday, delivered on the Wednesday, they called me on the Thursday and confirmed it was indeed the drive gear that had failed.


Obviously the Starter unit was out of warranty, but to help me out and to get the car back on the road quickly they dispatched a new replacement with a 50% discount as a matter of good will. Dispatched on the Thursday hopefully with me Friday for fitting over this weekend.


What was so refreshing is that I wasn't even complaining, I was expecting to pay for my old unit to be refurb'ed and to get the unit back perhaps 10 to 14 days later. Powerlite took the lead and made the offer!


In my mind this is a level of service that needs to be applauded nowadays, as it is rare. By the way I am in no way connected to this company :P




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