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Plastic in fuel tank

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Hi Martin ~


I would certainly fish it out.




Agree,out with it.

a length of wire and twist the end to form a little basket, then great fun if it still floats ?

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The same thing happened to me and directly caused my Bosch pump to fail. (I hasten to add that i did not see it happen but found it only when I completely dismantled thee tank end of the Fuel system.) I cannot over emphasis the importance of extracting this. A wire hanger might do the job. Or one of those extending claw tools which I think Frost do?

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What's the harm, let is dissove slowly and "burn" it out?? or alternatively pull the tank (shouldn't take more than 15 mins) and tip it out (providing your tank is empty!)

Just pulled the tank (following brimming it with Tescos finest) after discovering a dodgey outlet connection thats wrecked the interior trim panel and made the house (and me, and the car ) stink of petrol!!


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