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I was wondering, if anyone has any information of my white TR6 in its past life, which I am now restoring. I have just recently requested details from the DVLA on the History of the car and waiting for a reply. Just a small chance, I know.Thought I ask the TR6 Forum anyway, Regards.

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I have now recieved history details from the DVLA, which was much more information than I expected. A big thanks to them. (Never thought I would say that). Anyway, I will now bore you a little.(or a lot) The car started 'life' in Stone staffs, moved to Manchester then Knihtsbridge London, Farnbouough and finally, Hook, Hants, where it is now being restored. I cannot contact any of the prevous owners as part of the privacy rules, but would be interested, in any additional information.




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The hunt is part of the fun :) Since its exchanged hands relatively few times, finding the previous owners shouldnt be too difficult.

If you dont have any luck here, then like I did for one of my cars, just follow the trail by asking the previous keeper if they have any further details of the person they bought it from. In most instances people keep a receipt with an address, sometimes they know the name but not the address.


Im curious though why youre tracking down its family tree. I did my E type because it had a race pedigree and is featured in a book for provenance.


Best of luck



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I see you are not a Register member, so worth joining (not least to receive TRAction (club mag) and the club insurance scheme through Towergate) and it's also worth visiting your local group(s). We are lucky in our area that there are a number of local groups to visit e.g Windsor Forest (Bagshot), Thames Valley (Guildford(ish)), London (Richmond) and Kennet Valley (Reading) to name a few - contact details in TRAction. Then there is also the local-local 'gaggle' of TR6 owners, we meet up from time to time for a beer and a drive out we are: Tony McConnell (Baldrick), Steve Whatmore, Chris Butler, Tony (sex on legs) and me; but you can call me George! :rolleyes: I'm sure we would be more than willing to help you out and/or give you a nudge in the right direction if need be, just drop me a PM.


Then there's Tony Sheach (TR4Tony), Tony is also nearby you in Fleet, Tony has a wealth of TR knowledge and get's his hand on high quality new and used parts, he is not a trader just an enthusiast who owns and rallies his ex-works TR4 (3 VC) and BST 82B his works TR4 'replica', and he doesn't do too bad either! :D


You may wish to contact the TR6 Registrar, Derek Graham who posts on this Forum as SaffronTR and Derek's contact details are also in TRAction. Derek may very well have details on your car from previous owners who were in the Register and provided info. But I'm sure Derek will be along soon to offer some advice. :)


Cheers, and good luck


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