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    MIKE, Welcome, I to am relativily new to the TR experience (1 year old) and restoring a white 72 6, You probably have done this already, but I found the Moss spares catologue very useful, Its free , just phone or email them. In addition, I also got the history of who owned my car, where and and when from the DVLA, you just need to onto the their Web site for info. Finally if your car has overdrive the number on the V5C document will not match the number on the car, dont panic the DVLA cannot have 'O' or 'I' in the 'commissioning Numbers' Its probably got a 'D' or '0' Instead. Anyway best o
  2. can only suggest the problem is with the metering unit. would be interested to know if there is any difference in the delivery pressures between the two pumps. Can only suggest you are near to a 'cliff ede' around 3500 rpm on fuel delivery.
  5. Steve, I am restoring a white 72 6 which is white (code 19), I have used hammerite smooth white also in areas not generally seen. I have removed surface rust with grade 80 sand paper and used jenolite rust remover/converter prior to applying the paint, I have used this over a long period of time and found it to be long lasting. Anyway, best of luck. Regards, John.
  6. tr62500

    NRE 280L

    Uptade, I have now recieved history details from the DVLA, which was much more information than I expected. A big thanks to them. (Never thought I would say that). Anyway, I will now bore you a little.(or a lot) The car started 'life' in Stone staffs, moved to Manchester then Knihtsbridge London, Farnbouough and finally, Hook, Hants, where it is now being restored. I cannot contact any of the prevous owners as part of the privacy rules, but would be interested, in any additional information. John
  7. Booga, Your need must be great to sell such a car, which looks like a lot of time and money has been spent on it. I only wish I had the space and money to buy it. Anyway best of luck. Regards,
  8. tr62500

    NRE 280L

    I was wondering, if anyone has any information of my white TR6 in its past life, which I am now restoring. I have just recently requested details from the DVLA on the History of the car and waiting for a reply. Just a small chance, I know.Thought I ask the TR6 Forum anyway, Regards.
  9. andyp I dont know if this helps, but when I got my 72 6, and subsiquently obtained My V5C document from the DVLA, they did not match. The bottom line is that if you have overdrive where the number ends in 'O'. The V5C number will NOT match the number on the chassis plate. (The DVLA cannot have 'O' es in the chassis number) In conclusion if the numbers do match, you have a vehicle which has had its chassis plate tapered with or there is a small change made on the V5C, maybe a '0' Zero or a 'D' as mine is, replacing the 'O'. Regards,
  10. theredt6, Just a thought, but you may have to remove the engine to free the clutch if it has not run for a while, I would check the clutch function before you finally decide on engine removal or not. regards, John
  11. tr62500

    car seats

    Chaps, Thanks for you help, will look at repairing if i cant get seats from LHD car. Bill will study thread you posted. Many thanks again. Regards, John
  12. tr62500

    car seats

    Chaps, I would like to keep with traditional seats for my 72 6 if possible , and was wondering if it easy to convert a passenger seat to a driver seat as second hand passenger seats are obviously in better condition than drivers seats. Regards, John
  13. Thanks, Alec, for the infomation. Yes on reflection, I should have enquired as you suggested. These modern ways!!!! Regards, John
  14. Kevin, I use 'Jenolite' on all exposed metal surfaces, Prior to painting. Just follow instructions on the container. I have used it on one of my cars in 1989, which I still have and no rust has not returned. Best of luck with your effords.
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