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  1. One more I also zip out and all tuck under the cover
  2. tr6tuga

    Pi fouling

    Just another update Went for a decent 100k blast in a lovely cold sunny weather, what a joy,smoth and vigorous driving, no issues, now back to curfew Phill , oil pressure in the 20s at 15k 40s in the 30k and consumption 1,5 every 2k so not bad, if another lockdown a new set of pistons is on the bucket list, any advice for a standard set supplier is welcome. Steve Still saiiling but with masks... not a great idea but as soon away is free Keep in touch
  3. tr6tuga

    Pi fouling

    Just a update, it was the return spring on the mu...not on top end return, and then, 6 litle pigs foulling Fear of Covid related stress sindrome Problem solved
  4. Love this forum form me the best audiofile solution is to fix a boom bluetoth box over the ash tray, the windscreen reflects the sound without much interference from the six lovely blurr and wind, and keep the original radio and droopof kidneys
  5. tr6tuga

    Pi fouling

    Well, I'll try the last option and see the results, any case engine overall was on my job list, las time compression test results were fair good..
  6. tr6tuga

    Pi fouling

    Did check return of the enrichment lever looks, works fine Actualy the deposit is almost empty, I'll try to replace the fuel with new one, 98 grade, asap Thank you
  7. tr6tuga

    Pi fouling

    After a long stayaway covid during wich I had the time to tackle some long due jobs I now have a similar issue with my Pi, and today spend more than a hour fine tuning the butterflies and still fouling, see picture attach! check list: Late february, car runs ok, allways with some fouling but accepted as a normal pi issue Tackle jobs none related to engine or fuel system during lockdown Starts at first turn after 3 months, but after short run plugs fouling (all similar oily) Ok, renew points and condenser from Dr, change coil from sports coil to backup normal coil
  8. The ashtray comes with a jig that must be in place and bend the metal strips so that the ashtray sticks in. It can be hard to set right if the foam is too thick, the case of repro top dashtops
  9. Thankyou whise gents I ll leave the gap as it came I do have a sports coil
  10. Maybe a dum question, but should I set the gap acording to bb when using a iridium tip sparkplug?
  11. Thankyou I'll take the midle pair as master,, looks to be consensual and folow the notes for idle setting, air screw and minimum screw Take the path this weekend, still have to buy the abestos gloves it really gets hot..
  12. Hi John I have a air bleed (bb says turn 5 times before setting) Nylon bushes new Linkages renewed Have a flow meter Wich steps to folow BB or green book?
  13. Dear forum Need some advice on the best way to set up AFR . Brown book section19.20.05 states that we should use pair 5/6 as reference airflow and set pairs 3/4 2/1 to the same flow rate. Green book from service and training, states otherwise, use central pair 3/4 as master then set the other pairs Wich way is the best? It makes sense use center pair? Never got a good spark colour using bb instructions Thankyou all
  14. tr6tuga

    Rims for wheels

    It looks great but bear in mind that they scratch on the side walk very easily and are dificult to polish
  15. Dear horacle, just lost one of these screws and it looks like a whitworth type. Head 10,9 mm threath diameter 6,10mm Does any one knows where i can find? Thankyou
  16. I have being there,, had a wood stick in the boot as sugested but in the replaced the starter...
  17. Regardless of plug choice , the most important is to have very fine tunning of buterflies, at idle and at 1400-1500 rpm wich is a time consuming and trial error .
  18. tr6tuga

    Heater valve

    Ok ill order and hope it doesn t get stuck with custums
  19. tr6tuga

    Heater valve

    Any direction for eu supplier?
  20. tr6tuga

    Heater valve

    Just after 2k of service, supplied by rimmers any advice este to get a good One?
  21. From rimmers, 2K after any sugestion were i get on?


  22. Just another hint to had, the turn signal lever and lights lever can and do fall appart , thei are brittle, if there ais some figorous dash board handling, ask me how i found
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