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  1. The Moss parts list shows that the part numbers for the TR6 Crown Wheel & Pinion and the Diff. bearings are the same as those for the TR2 & TR3 with the 3.7:1 ratio. Does Logic say that the setting up dimensions are also the same ? Regards Colin
  2. The part numbers for the 3.7:1 Crown Wheel & Pinion on the TR6 are the same as those for the TR2 and TR3. Same applies to the Diff. bearings. Does logic imply that the dimensions for setting them up are the same ? Regards, Colin I intended to post this on the TR6 forum where someone is asking for Diff. dimensions
  3. Hi Phil, I fitted two LED lights to the rear of my TR2 ( see pics.). They have three functions i.e., daytime red running lights, red brake lights and orange indicator lights. There are four wires which I passed through a length of bicycle innertube and up inside the rear wing to holes which were already there into the boot. I had already fitted an extra wire from under the dash to the boot when I rebuilt the car 12/13 years ago. I used this wire as a switched live from the ignition for the running lights. The other wires were connected to the relevant wires already in the boot. From what you have said I assume you have already fitted the extra wires from switches in the cabin to the boot.
  4. This is my effort ( see pics). I have found that the computer cabinet cooling fan to have very little effect. I have ordered an Attwood fan. Regards, Colin
  5. Thanks Bob and Ben. That fan looks interesting. The air flow-rate and the amps rate are impressive. I will check measurements and will probably order one. I may even consider the larger size one. Regards, Colin
  6. Hi Ben, Can you tell me what size and make of fan you used. Regards, Colin
  7. Hi Bob, Can you tell me which fan you used. I have fitted a 120mm 12 Volt computer cabinet cooling fan under the front panel just above the radiator with a duct leading to the carburettors and with a switch under the dash. The problem is that when I switch it on the air flow-rate is very poor and doesn't seem to have any effect. The spec. for the fan states 84 cubic feet per sec. It is possible that the computer motherboard which the fan would normally be plugged into would have better control. Regards, Colin
  8. When I Waxoiled my Tr2/3 chassis I found that I could pass a thick wire from the rear end right through to the front end. There are cross-tubes at various points but they don't form a complete blockage. At the time the chassis was completely bare so I could elevate the rear end and using a purpose made funnel I could pour hot Waxoil down the chassis rails until it came out of the holes at the front then flip the chassis over, drop the rear end, elevate the front end and collect the surplus waxoil as it poured out at the rear. There are various small holes in the sides of the chassis that need to covered with masking tape. Hope that helps. Regards, Colin
  9. I purchased brake shoe linings for my Triumph Roadster which were listed on eBay @ £64.50 per axle set and were also listed for the Land Rover series 2 @ £12.99 per axle set. Both incl. rivets and shipping. Exactly the same, in the same box and with the same stock/part number on the box and are exactly the same parts. No prizes for guessing which I did purchase. I have found this to be the case with a number of parts for vehicles depending on the model. Back in the 1970s I had a Audi Coupe S which was a much more expensive coupe version of the Audi 100 saloon. The dealerships had different part numbers for the same parts for each model and the coupe parts listed cost four times as much as the saloon for the same part. Again, no prizes. Regards. Colin
  10. It could be that the engine is off a later TR model which used H6 carbs or HS6 carbs Regards, Colin
  11. Hi Richard, I have found in the past that the outer column tube is soft soldered into the steering box which perhaps explains why this has happened. Early last year I had a head on collision with the Armco (TR2) causing extensive frontal damage including the same problem as yours with the steering. I found that the drop arm from the underside of the steering box was out of alignment and after removing the steering column and dismantling the box I found that the rocker shaft which carries the peg had been twisted within its length by at least 10 deg. which reinforces Bobs comments regarding checking everything out. Fortunately I have a very good spare column. Regards, Colin
  12. I have recently been told by a good authority that wheel locknuts should not be loosened or tightened by using an impact tool. The lock nuts are not strong enough and can shear off leaving a rounded head. Regards, Colin
  13. Hi Dave, I can strongly recommend "Ken & Lyn Paints". Phone 07778165966. Although I have not actually met Ken I know that he has had many years of experience and is very willing to pas on his knowledge. Regards, Colin
  14. Hi Rob, I put a pressure gauge on the outlet of the new petrol pump and by operating the lever I got a reading of 5 lbs psi. This afternoon I removed the pump and took the return spring out and did the same with the old pump. Comparing the two springs with each other there was a considerable difference in there strengths so I put the old spring into the new pump and refitted it to the engine . Again by operating the lever I got a reading of 2 lbs psi on the gauge which as you stated is probably the correct pressure. I haven't yet had the opportunity to give the car a run but if that has solved the problem then obviously 5 lb psi is too much for both the needle valves and the grose jets. Regards, Colin
  15. Thanks Rob. I will check that but I was aware of that possibility when I fitted the pump, but it is still worth checking. I was thinking that perhaps the return spring may be too strong. In which case swopping the spring from the old pump ( if that is possible) may solve the problem. It would be useful to know what the pressure should be. Regards, Colin
  16. I have recently fitted a new mechanical petrol pump to my TR2 and the carburettors flood over intermittently. I have since replaced the float chamber needle valves with Grose Jets but still get the intermittent flooding. I am thinking that maybe the new pump is producing too high a pressure for the float chamber valves to cope with. Does anyone know what the pressure should be? Regards, Colin
  17. Hi Tom and Mick, Thanks for that. Regards, Colin
  18. Hi Tom, Please explain what the correct procedure is for bedding the pads in. Regards, Colin
  19. That looks to be a good buy. I suppose it depends on how far you are from it and how far you are prepared to travel. Regards, Colin
  20. Hi Peter, Thanks for the information. I'll put my thinking cap on. Regards, Colin
  21. My point was not so much to do with reducing sideways movement of the rear leaf spring, which is what those washers and bushes do, but to prevent the spring from loading up laterally ( sideways ) which can be dangerous. Regards, Colin
  22. I would have thought that a list of various applications of common parts could be more useful these days with the internet and ebay. I just did a search for Commer 15 cwt brake shoes and a set of Ferodo shoes came up that look very similar to the early TR2 rear shoes and are reasonably priced. Regards, Colin
  23. Yes I know and I think you are probably quite correct with your various comments. Regarding my earlier post mentioning the possibility of fitting some kind of 'Panhard Rod' to the rear, it was my response to my son expressing concern (he does have an honours degree in motor vehicle suspension design and these are my words not his) about the lateral forces on bends loading up the leaf springs in a way which they are not designed for and if the tyre grip changes at some point in the bend the reaction is like a catapult causing the axle to break away. Regards, Colin
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