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  1. I replaced my shabby chrome bumpers with SS from the TR Shop about 10 years ago, and I haven't regretted it!! Phil
  2. Thanks a lot Tony! It's made the job a pleasure. Phil
  3. Thanks for that Tony - It looks very straightforward! I intend to use a dash mounted switch but would prefer to include a relay if you could send me the detail for that also. Cheers Phil
  4. Hi, I would like to fit an headlamp flasher to my TR4, but not being a vehicle electrician I would be grateful if some 'switched-on' person would be kind enough to explain what I need, and where it's fitted. BTW, the car is negative earth powered by alternator, and doesn't have any relays fitted to any circuit. Thanks Phil
  5. Hi Does anyone have a straight pair of rear over-riders to fit a TR4, good enough to be re-chromed please. Phil Reade 07957 855112
  6. Hi Nic, I rebuilt my 4 engine a couple of years ago and noticed the metallic rattle on cold start-up until the oil pressure got around the engine. Last year at a classic car show I bought a bottle of Activ8 oil additive from a stand after watching a very impressive demonstration of it's protection under all sorts of challanging conditions. I put the additive into the engine prior to a 3,000 mile round trip to southern Spain. The first thing I noticed was no metallic chatter on start-up and have never heard it since. The stuff really does coat the engine parts and has remained effective eve
  7. Hi Tony, Rhodri is quite right, the Mazda MX5 seat (as I have fitted in my 4) is a perfect fit and very easy to install. If you require speakers in the headrest then the model you need the seats from is the Eunos which if not mistaken was a 'grey import' Mazda version. The Mazda seat bracket can be reworked easily to accept new drill holes to align with the captive nuts already set in the floor pan. Phil
  8. Hi Chris I took my 4 from the UK through France down to Almeria and back in September. The Spanish route took me via N1 San Sebastian, Miranda de Ebro, A62 Salamanca, N501/N110 Madrid. The ring road was very busy, try to get through outside rush hour if you go that way, A30 to Mercia, A7 to Almeria. I avoided toll roads and used National Hwys as an alternative. From what I saw of the lower class roads they all looked fine, so in conclusion to your question, you can expect pretty much good going. Best of luck Phil
  9. Hi Guy's, I also found it tricky switching the overdrive off under power when at the same time slowing down. You might be interested in this method I now use! I Leave the overdrive on when I change down to third, which usually makes me slow enough for most things, then flick it off when I reapply the power in 3rd o/d, it works a treat! Cheers! Phil
  10. Thanks for the info Allen! All the best Phil
  11. Hi Ian, Alec & Mike, Thanks for your input, I value your advice! I must say Active8's gearbox & overdrive claim does need a lot more supporting evidence, given the consequences should the claim prove to be flawed. I might take it up with them, their website does invite users to provide testimonials. Kind Regards Phil
  12. Hi Ian, Thanks for the advice about the LSD! Incidentally, I called an Overdrive repair specialist who said the friction clutches within the o/drive are mineral and would not be effected. He said however, there might be a problem from within the g/box itself because the method of holding a selected gear is made by a series of ball bearings sitting in a metal tray or channel, relying on friction to stop "jumping out of gear". I must say, I am surprised no-one from the forum has replied to say they have had any sort of experience using anti-friction additives in the gearbox over the years.
  13. Hi, I was looking for an oil additive before starting a 3,000 mile round trip to Almeria Spain (which I've now completed) and saw a very impressive demo done by a vendor of Activ8 at a local car show. It appeared to out-preform all of the alternative popular brands. I added the specified amount to my engine before setting off and it has preformed brilliantly, none of the usual rocker mechanical noises on start-up before oil pressure etc, and the engine does seem generally happier. However, I bottled out putting any in to the gearbox because I didn't trust the manufacturers claims "Avtiv8 can
  14. Hi Mike, Your standard 4lb cap is presumably a 1" to fit the "long necked" radiator which is what I replaced with a 7lb. As a matter of interest, is it 1" deep? and if it is, does the spring need to be compressed to attach the cap to the rad? I hadn't heard of the "Circuit de Remparts" until you spoke about it and I Googled it! Sounds like a fun weekend, it's a pity my itinerary puts me around Valencia/Barcelona then. I think there would be trouble from the passenger (my wife) if I suddenly set a new course to Angouleme! O well, there's always next year now I know about it Phil
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