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  1. Thanks.. :-) Cheers Niels Peter
  2. Thanks Rob, Well actually my name is double barreled (Niels Peter) think I will give it a go, but bear with me... RTV = liquid gasket? Iain, i will definitely take a look. Yes I believe they drive better when regularly used. Thank you Gents! Cheers Niels Peter
  3. Thank you for the input I believe the std gasket is what I will go for. Might also have something to do with finding a Cork gasket within EU.... Rob, if I understand correctly: ... Engine seen from top to bottom.... Block , gasket sealer , Gasket --- Grease --- gasket , gasket sealer , sump ? Iain, 3,000miles? now that is what I call a roadtrip! Cheers Niels Peter
  4. Hi, I was wondering if a Cork og Silicone gasket for the oil sump exist? instead of the "paper" gasket everyone supplies I have concluded, that my sump do not seal tight against the block, as just about all bolt heads have a drip of oil on them and everything else including the uprated rear main seal are dry. I am thinking that perhaps the sump has warped slightly around the holes, from overtightening over the years. Do you fine chaps any info here... please let me know. regards Niels Peter
  5. Hi Richard, Thankyou very much for the kind offer. But I am a bit partial to the long neck on the radiator on the early 4´s. But very tempting. danish: "Mange tak for det fine tilbud" regards Niels Peter
  6. I see a pattern... and I am convinced. Thanks chaps!
  7. Peter W - I have not the handle nor the bracket. Only the hole in the radiator.. Perhaps it is a bit daft but I kind of like the idea of the hole being there as it has always been that way.. but I do know that it would come at an extra cost with no purpose... well time to think that bit through. :-) The quote I got, was for a modern core with an increased cooling efficiency of about 25%. And of course fit would be perfect, as well at the top tank with the plaque with Coventry stamped on it would be preserved. I like that as well. But my concern goes on is it stupid to spend the
  8. Hi Guys, My Radiator is sweating at the bottom tank, and a few other places. So I made contact with a "radiator- smith"(sorry my poor English skills) and we inspected it together.... He could repair it, but it would only be a matter of time before more holes would appear. He could replace the core and also include a hole for the crank-handle.... Very promising, very tempting. The only drawback is that It will be about 150 Pounds more than buying a complete unit from ie Bastuck (I live in Denmark). Do you guys have any experience with the units supplied from Ex. Moss, SC Parts(Li
  9. Hi Gents, thanks for the info.... as Bob states it is the small oil gallery plug and not the big Camshaft plug. That one I changed when I uprated the main bearing seal. but I much appreciate the help. Does the oil gallery plugs tend to be really stuck? what is common practice at to remove it? or rather is there a common way? Niels Peter
  10. Hi Gents, This winter I will be removing and replacing a weeping oil gallery plug on my ´62 TR4. The one behind the flywheel. I have already made the Richard Marx bearing seal fitment. Trying to search the forum for tips I have come up short. Might just be my lacking of searching-skills... Some of you have certainly endeavored on this so please enlighten me. Is it difficult ? any tips for removal? the one that is fitted right now is without any groove or anything to "grab" it and is slightly recessed... (about a 1,5mm) best regards Niels
  11. Have you fitted LED bulbs? This might be the reason.... Rgds Niels Peter
  12. Hi Stuart, My thoughts exactly.... As being in Denmark I perhaps have received a RHD instead of LHD Switch for a LHD TR4 when ordered.. Thank you. /Niels Peter
  13. Hi Richard, Thank you again for the insight. I think I will decline the offer for the Rover-switch... I am not convinced that I will not just end up ruining it. And this would be a shame. Think I just need to keep looking and hope for the best. :-) but this has really helped me I simply love the knowledge you guys have between you... very impressed. /Niels Peter
  14. Thank you Richard for the comprehensive info... :-) This being an original switch you have, is the stalk on your here straight? ( not handed for RHD og LHD)?
  15. thank you Roger... might just be a RHD stalk I have as the measurements correspond.. /Niels Peter
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