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  1. You might be right, I would not know.. :-)
  2. Hi John, Thank you for de info. I have bought a spanner and eagerly awaiting delivery. :-) /Niels Peter
  3. You Guys are amazing. I am blown away of you readily helpfullness Thank you ever so much If we go and that is a rather big if.... it will be between 22nd July to 26th July. Things changed today.... But as we say in Denmark "hope is light green"
  4. Hi Guys, Thank you for the replies.. Of course order beforehand.. and Jerry Thank you for the kind offer of being "Depot" :-). might just take you up on that ;-) Let us see what happens and if we get everything organized so we can visit your lovely country once more. Best regards Niels Peter
  5. Hello Chaps! Sorry, but I got confused in which Room to put my question. But I know you guys definitely know the answer. So i am contemplating to visit your beautifull country this summer. Springing this idea on the wife , she readily replied : " where can you buy TR parts in Southern England"? I really do not want to miss this opportunity to "stock up" So Gents! where is the closest shop to Dover (Folkstone)? as we will most likely be driving. Regards Niels Peter
  6. Thanks Lads! Looks like I will have to invest in another tool , YESS!!! Regards
  7. Hello Chaps! Just a general question... basically I have worked around it with adjustable spanners.... But what size are the small nut and bolts which clamp the carbs together as well fixes the returnsprings on the spindles? seems to be around 6.5 in metrics and well very small in imperial? Just wondering really :-) Best regards Niels Peter
  8. There is also this version..... the scumbag needs to be a very nerdy scumbag if he decipher this one.
  9. Hi Monty, Where did You get this? I really like that... Rgds Niels Peter
  10. Sorry for the late response.. Mine was just stuck straight in as if it was a tad twisted. Regards Niels Peter
  11. I have experienced the same thing. I don't know of other methods but I used brute force to get it out.. /Niels Peter
  12. Cheers Richard, perhaps that route is correct... "path of least resistance" :-) Reards Niels Peter
  13. Hi Chaps! I am a bit puzzled of how the speedo cable should be routed on my LHD rocket. The cable cross the engine, as the speedo, you know all know this, are attached to the right hand side of the gearbox. I have routed it over, between the engine and gearbox. But is this the right route? Regards Niels Peter
  14. Thanks.. :-) Cheers Niels Peter
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