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  1. I have just fitted the princess calipers with the two feed pipes and the three bleed nipples . Is this the correct procedure for bleeding 1 remove switch under m cylinder 2 bleed front left 3 bleed front right 4 bleed rear And do you only use the top bleed nipple on the front calipers. Going to leave it a day then try again to get a good pedal by the way I am using the ezibleed system !! Comfirmation of above or any other comments most welcome
  2. I have now sourced the pads thanks for your help
  3. I have fitted the tr8 solid discs
  4. I have just fitted Austin princess four pot calipers to my tr7 I have now ordered two sets of pads non of them were the correct ones were do I get them from ? Help appreciated
  5. Sorted just screws and wipers
  6. I am going to refurb ( repaint) the steel bottom windscreen finishing rail is it as easy to remove as it looks ie undo the two bolts remove wipers and off it comes or is it bonded onto the screen surround
  7. Thanks Dave. I think I am going to go down the luminition route
  8. Hi again. Recommendations for best electronic ignition . Thanking you in anticipation
  9. Thanks Howard. I was thinking standard tr7 discs and green pads pretty much what you had and like you go from there thanks Colin
  10. Hi All. This has probably been covered many times before , I have a set of princess calipers fixing holes repositioned what would you consider the best options for a disc and pads . I will be using the car for social domestic and pleasure and not any form of racing , but some spirited driving down to Le Mans etc . In sujesting combinations of pad and disc could you be mindful of my pocket
  11. A lot to take in especially for a retired builder
  12. A copy of the wiring diagram for the fan set up would be really helpful thanks a lot
  13. Thanks a lot Howard and really good photo , what is behind the torquatrol unit does it require a plate fixing over anything or is it just left as is , sorry if this is a daft question only haven't got that far yet
  14. Just getting a few facts together before I fit an electric fan. I appreciate you remove the mechanical do you also remove the viscous coupling and the torquatrol unt . If this is correct it then just needs a shorter fan belt to drive the alternator. Is this the best way to go about it . I am new to tr7 ownership
  15. Thanks Ian my car is Midas gold in colour so would be good to see a Midas gold car with matching bumpers before I did mine
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