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  1. Quick up-date, new discs & pads fitted, brake fluid changed again. 65/70 mph for 15 miles then through town in traffic for 20mins. Then back up the motor way 70+ for 15 miles, All good when i got home, front brakes just warm ( what you would expect ) Hope this has cured the problem, next stop Stratford On Avon. Mick. . .
  2. 42 Miles and brakes are almost cold , looks like it was the clearance on the servo push-rod. And as John L posted the Master cyl does get hot on a longish fast run. Fit the new stuff tomorrow and try it again. Thanks again. Mick.
  3. Thanks for all the information, looks like there might be a on-going problem. I will take a chance tomorrow when the weather clears and drive the same route now i have a gap on the servo push rod. Borrowed a digital temp gauge to see what is happening ( Hopefully nothing ) If it still overheats i will contact Rimmers return the unit and get a refurbish kit and overhaul my old unit. Lovely to see so many TR's at the classic we had a look round but as the tent was very crowded we did not say hello ( it was pouring down ) With a bit of luck i will try to get up to the Inter- club weekend. Mick.
  4. Thanks for that Pinky, checked the gap from the servo push rod to the Master cyl with play-doh and its now 3/16 so now hopefully will be more than enough. Also made hardly any difference to the pedal travel. Thank you all for your input, feel a lot better about fitting new stuff. Off to Silverstone in a hour or so for the classic. As we are there all weekend we are taking the Motor-home. ( 1994 talbot express ) glutton and punishment spring to mind. So i will be seeing some of you there. Mick. .
  5. Hi Roy, there was indeed a lot of trouble 3ish years back with faulty TRW Master Cyl. But as there is no later posts with this problem i was hoping it had been resolved. Maybe Roger can help or indeed head me in the right direction. Really don't want to fit new discs & pads and have it happen again. I have the old Master Cyl maybe i should rebuild that ? seems such a shame to bin a " new " part. Mick
  6. Cheers for that Gareth, nice to know that it's happened before. Odd that i did not have a problem on shortish runs, i can only surmise that a steady 65/70 MPH for 14miles built up a bit of heat or maybe a bit more vacuum that allowed the servo to push on the master cyl. Feel a lot better now about fitting the new discs & pads. Mick.
  7. Hi all, i was just wondering if there is still a problem with TRW brake master cylinders. The reason for asking is that i fitted a new one about 3 months ago and all appeared to be ok. Set off for Brooklands Sunday morning got about 14 miles down the A303 and the front brakes locked on ( set fire to the o/s/f outer pad ) Now having checked the dimensions of the old M/C with the new one it would appear to be about 4mm slimmer so will close the gap on the servo push rod. With this in mind i have increased the gap a extra 6mm ( just to be sure ) Then replaced pads bleed brakes and road test .So-far so good. Do you think that i have found the problem or is it more likely to be the tipping valve sticking. Bit reluctant to go to far ( 8 miles for road test ) Also got new discs and pads to fit when i am positive i am not going to burst into flames again. Any help much appreciated Mick.
  8. Just wanted to add my experience with Classical Dash I purchased a dash from Ian at the Shepton Mallet show about 5 weeks ago, we spent a fair bit of time going over the different types of veneer, finally settled on burr elm. I got a email from him after 2 weeks to say dash was being worked on, the following week i sent him a mail and 4 days later i got reply ( don't worry if it takes a while to get a response he is busy and could do with a secretary ) We went over to his place the next day and picked the dash up. Its Beautiful worth every penny. Ian's a proper craftsman, not knocking out 1/2 dozen dashes a day on a assembly line, all hand made to order. L
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