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  1. Hi Stuart, thanks for the info, I didn't know about it. I saw very few TR6 with original white hood, even in books, the only one being in Bill Piggotts 'Original Triumph TR', a pimento red 1973 Pi car, superb to me with its white top. Cheers, William
  2. Hi Alan, great to have so much history from day 1! Cheers
  3. Hi Alan! Great news! Is the white soft-top original too? I learnt it was only available on special order. Congrats on keeping it in beautiful shape and unrestored, William
  4. This one. Originally delivered to a French Army officer in Strasbourg.
  5. Would it be close to the TR250s Valencia Blue?
  6. Looks like definitely John! Thanks :-)
  7. Pedal bush check added to the list, thanks :-)
  8. Hi :-) I looked at it after my drive, not broken but weakened may be sth to control! Thanks :-)
  9. I will Mike, thanks for the tip :-)
  10. Hello everyone, While driving my 69 Pi today, I noticed that on throttle release, the rpms didn't go down as fast as usual. They do go down, no big issue, but much smoother than what I was used to... No issue otherwise, engine is fine from idle to high rpm range. Is it (eventually :)) a good health sign or is it some issue slowly growing up? In this latter case, what would be your usual suspects, things to check, in priority orders? From simple throttle cable to leaking injector or stuck butterfly, I am opened to everything :-) Best regards, take care!
  11. OK understood, thanks! So it was definitively lean when measured.
  12. Hello everyone, I wake up this thread. On my 69 Pi fitted with standard exhaust manifold, standard exhaust lines under the car (so 2 separate lines) and twin box exhaust system (so 2 different silencers), MOT indicated a couple of years ago 2% CO value. The measurement was made with the sensor in 1 silencer, of course. So is the total CO value 4% (2 silencers * 2%)? Thanks, William
  13. Whilst talking about trailing-arms and brackets, what do you think about this TR Register article? The author suggests that with GSV1001 rear springs (those actually on my 69 Pi !), best configuration to reach decent ride-height and camber is to switch to later brackets configuration (3 notches up inner and 1 notch up outer). Every car may react differently, but your feedbacks and thoughts are very welcomed :-) William Dec 2012 TRaction 242 IRS Suspension Mods.pdf
  14. Hi Roger, Thanks, we will check. It can be pretty tricky to see at first sight, indeed. William
  15. Hello Neil, Thanks for your suggestion, I will check this when I decide to overhaul the suspension. I had this issue on my 76 car... but it was visible from underneath the car! I replaced them immediately. William
  16. Hi Roger, Indeed the simplest solution would be to change springs and see what happens. I have gone through Buckeye articles for quite a long time now and even got pretty good fun in determining which brackets combination I should use on rear left to correct the positive camber. 3 down outer and 2 down inner seemed to be the best combination. I know that Tom Fremont had the same issue than me on rear left on 2 cars and corrected with brackets changes on the rear left. Maybe I should consider checking any damage on the rear left trailing-arm? I heard they bend quite easily...
  17. Hello John, Thanks for your post. Both sides 1 notch up inner, 2 notches up outer. Springs coils have green and white paint marks (350lbs/in?). William
  18. Left-hand CKD car :-) that's why I talked with left/right rather than offside/nearside
  19. Hello Roger, Thanks for your message. My offside having positive camber, could a weakened spring be the origin? Can you confirm? I would have thought that a weakened and shortened spring would give more negative camber. But if you are sure about it, well that confirms my wish concerning rear springs refurbishment. I do have too much space between top of rear tyres and wheel arch lip (4 fingers moving easily, 165 hr15 tyres). One year ago, wheel center - wheel arch lip distance was 40.5cm offside (rear left with positive camber) and 41.5cm nearside (rear right with negative camber)
  20. Hello Richard, Thanks for your message. Both arms on my 69 car are early arms (on pictures). The third picture showing early / late arms differences was posted by Derek Graham in another discussion. William
  21. Hello everyone, I wake up this discussion on trailing arms. I noticed that my rear trailing-arms are both early types but the rear right is dated 15.5.69 whereas the rear left has no date, only 3 numbers 1 3 3 (see pictures). Is there any known geometry difference between original (15.5.69) and replacement (1 3 3)? I have, like some other owners, rear left positive camber (around 1 deg) whereas rear right is approx -0,5deg... Many thanks and take care! William
  22. Hi, Is your noise that loud? Refer to video in the very first post in this topic: (mine solved since, with gearbox overhaul)
  23. After opening, the issue is indeed the layshaft needdle bearing
  24. Hi Phil, Thanks for your message, yes I confirm, quite in 4th. I have not driven the car since, I have appointment for next week, I will do 1km to reach the workshop.
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