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  1. Hi, Is your noise that loud? Refer to video in the very first post in this topic: (mine solved since, with gearbox overhaul)
  2. After opening, the issue is indeed the layshaft needdle bearing
  3. Hi Phil, Thanks for your message, yes I confirm, quite in 4th. I have not driven the car since, I have appointment for next week, I will do 1km to reach the workshop.
  4. Yes indeed I was a muppet... This sound was not continuous, after a few miles on the way home it disappeared, and nobody believed me when I said there was a strange noise... so I decided to record it by myself... dangerous though I agree
  5. I had lot of fuel in the tank believe me. My gauge has stopped working recently after a drain of the tank, I guess it's the sensor in the tank, will be cheked in September.
  6. Thanks for your answers, I have just showed the video to my mechanic, same reaction... Answers will be more accurate on September 17th 18th when I bring the car to the workshop. I will keep you updated! @Drewmotty the car was reversed when the overdrive lever was slightly engaged, yes, 3 times on a few meters. There's however a inhibitor switch which prevents the overdrive to be engaged even if the lever next to the steering-wheel is activated, isn't it? Again, this lever next to steering-wheel was partially on during 5 miles BY MISTAKE, I don't know yet when my finger touched it...
  7. Hello everyone, Here's the strange noise happening today on 1st 2nd and 3rd gears on my 69 TR6 PI. Overdrive car. The 2nd gear disengages sometimes. On 4th I heard a ' clong ' at one moment and then, no more noise on 1st 2nd and 3rd... any idea? Clutch and gearbox overhaul some 2000km ago. One month ago I had a big noise in transmission, I think it was my fault, I noticed too late (after 5 miles) that my overdrive lever was very slightly engaged! without notifying it... :-/
  8. It was on a voluntary base, sorry, for mistake, no It'seems
  9. Correct. My car being a 69 model year, it doesn't need the pollution test. I asked for the test on purpose, separately from MOT. It'seems on a voluntary base, I was curious.
  10. Hi, I was reading your topic, are you sure that the MOT gives you the 'raw' CO value? ... Because there's also sth called the corrected CO value, CO C on the picture attached, which takes into account the CO2 value. The formula should be : CO C = CO * (15/(CO+CO2)). If you make the calculation with my values, you will indeed find 4.82 for CO C. The picture is from my PI car, but a long time ago. From what I understand, it takes into account the possible air dilution in the exhaust line (e.g. a hole in the line). Thanks for your feedback !
  11. Mine is stamped 7 12 78 A1, with the 'not-correct' round filter for an early car (1969, cf this week's posts and my previous picture). @Waldi Does the marking on your oil pump look like the one on the attached picture to this message? @Keith66 Moss catalogue says the square filter goes until TR6 CP53747... Can anyone confirm?
  12. Thanks for the infos :-)
  13. Thanks for these infos Waldi. Well, this replacement is not that simple, from what I understand. Good point for the tolerances, however. "Oil loss from the gallery": what is it exactly? How does it manifest? Thanks!
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