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  1. ....and what kind of brand of sealant should I be looking for? Jochem
  2. Between the Front Window Frame and Body is a seal. The seal seems to be in decent shape. Is there any further sealant recommended before installing the Frame? Jochem
  3. Emission consists out of following measurements CO HC CO2 O2 Lambda (calculated from above values) 1. CO and Lambda are NOT directly relatable. You can have a 3.30 CO with 1.077 Lamda. Do not go by any of the CO vs Lambda tables found on the internet. Lambda takes into consideration all values. Most "cheap" home testers only provide you with CO value. 2.Retarding ignition helps with HC and CO values (mostly high in combination with long duration cam). But only with electronic ignition since it pulls bad from low end. We did some tests playing with this. norma
  4. Does anybody have any experience with the hood frame assembly - reproduction sold by Rimmer? Jochem
  5. Are these still available? or someone willing to sell and ship theirs?
  6. it dies? or what do you mean? did you check ignition curve with a strobe light? Idle setting at carburator and synchronization confirmed?
  7. In my current EFI config, I am running 10-11° advance (@ idle, 900). There is lots of debate whether this may be too less for a 143 HP PI Engine. For my 170 HP and CR 9,5 it has suited me. The curve I presented with my previous 123 config, is indeed higher. about 15° @ Idle 900. This seems to be the value for best torque in lower RPM....and yes, it includes static advance. These are the numbers you see using a strobe light. with a max. 30-32° depending on CR and engine config. If you do not have a rolling road, I mentioned following test: put in 3rd. Start at 1.500 rpm, pull upt
  8. Hello Albert, on my previous setup which was with 123Tune and carburators, I did not use MAP. Just the curve as I mentioned... Jochem
  9. JochemsTR

    PI emissions

    what kind of ignition do you have? You probably have about 10 degrees advance....try to reduce towards retard......modern cars even go down to -10. Jochem
  10. Do you have valve stem seals installed? Jochem
  11. Hello Matt from Eyam, not sure what ideas you are looking for? Ideas on what to do with the engine?? Jochem
  12. sorry guys, I will use the metric system: new/overhauled engine: 0ml - 500ml @ 1.000km used/normal engine: 500ml - 1000ml @ 1.000km (noted in brown bible) Anything more than 1000ml @ 1.000km should be checked. Causes will vary from worn pistonrings to valveguides etc. etc. A pressure los test can give you a hint on the cause. Jochem
  13. Hi Richard, PM sent. Jochem
  14. Tony, Bosch 0 580 464 070 Jochem
  15. I thought the adapterplate is there to fit the MX5 Gearbox to the TR4/6 engine? Or did I miss something? Jochem
  16. ...not sure....does not seem steel with yellow finish..
  17. Hello, Item 94. What material should Gear (96) be? This is the gear into the camshaft. I have a carburator shaft which has a steel gear , and a PI shaft which seems to be out of brass (?). The PI driveshaft has a mounted bearing, any play or measurements I need to consider? Brown Bible only refers to end-float using paper gaskets. (109).
  18. I cannot login on that particular member page....but Conrad may reach out to me....
  19. I am looking for a metering unit with pedestal...preferably CP. Does not need to be fully reconditioned, but in decent condition. Neil offers this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TR5-6-LUCAS-TRIUMPH-METERING-UNIT-AND-2-5-PI-on-EXCHANGE/143621482443?hash=item217081e7cb:g:EfwAAMXQ5fVQ8TXa but since the price is on an exchange basis, I cannot bid on it. Jochem
  20. yes, makes perfect sense. Mine were already installed by Dennis, therefore, I did not need to pay attention to it. Jochem
  21. Michael, I did not pay any attention to those cutouts.... Jochem
  22. These injectors are apparently also used by Ducati and Moto Guzzi....found this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DUCATI-MOTO-GUZZI-ST2-851-888-CALIFORNIA-NORGE-SUPERSPORT-FUEL-INJECTOR-IW-031-/222979737578
  23. what about giving them a call? Refurbishing injectors is common.....but I would still look for some spares...
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