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  1. I believe so. There are two chromed bolts on each of the driver and passenger sides behind the full windscreen. Here are a few pics. Thanks! Scott
  2. I am a new (this week) '58 TR3A owner so appreciate the education. Were these a factory option? What is the difference between Aero, Brooklands and How do they install? Any issues removing full windscreen? Thanks ! SR
  3. I recently purchased a '58 TR3A and the commission tag ends in "LO". The car has Overdrive (love it). But, I just received a British Motor Heritage certificate and it shows the commission number ending in "L" with no "0". Also, under Optional Factory Equipment, it does not list Overdrive. The mystery is how can the commission tag show LO and the car has Overdrive but the Heritage certificate does not ? Thanks!
  4. Can anyone point me to a source for Aero Screens that will bolt directly onto my TR3A? Thanks
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