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  1. Thanks Roger I'll drop Derek an e-mail Roger
  2. Thanks Roger I couldn't find it on the DVLA site either. I just hoped that a member may have it tucked away somewhere or remember the reg. no. Roger
  3. The landlord of the Fox & Hounds in Shawbury (which is where the Shropshire Group meets) has asked if anybody knows the whereabouts or history of this car. He owned it many years ago. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Roger (Shropshire GL)
  4. Hi. I had a similar problem on the way to the International. I thought it was fuel vaporization but replacing the capacitor cured it. A cheapish fix but you can easily check by substitution. Buy a decent one from the Dizzy Dr. Roger
  5. Wow! Thanks. I'll avoid breathing!
  6. Thanks Len I now see that there a small brass ball in it. This allows me to blow from the small hole through to the large hole but not the other way. Maybe I got mixed up as to the location. It would seem obvious to insert the sleeve so that the small hole is towards the pump. Washer liquid could then easily flow from the pump but not return> Thanks again Roger
  7. I have just been dealing with a failure of the washers on my TR6 (new pump required) and I noticed what I thought was a blockage in the pipe from the pump to the washer jets. However, this turned out to be a brass sleeve which had been inserted in the pipe. This sleeve is 10mm long with an opening of 3mm on the pump side and 1½mm on the washer jet side. Obviously some kind of restrictor - but why? I may find out the answer tomorrow when I fit a new pump but can anybody throw light on reason it's there? I haven't thrown the sleeve away in case I have to put it back! Thanks
  8. Hi Folks Don't forget the car shows. I had an ignition key cut at the International on Saturday - and it works! Also I have purchased "off the shelf" from a stall at, I believe, the NEC. Roger
  9. It's all coming together now! So here's an update. Saturday Three options will be offered for Saturday: A run to Shelsley Walsh for the Standard Triumph Marque Day. This will need to leave The Halfway House Inn at 9.00am to arrive at Shelsley Walsh approx. 10.00am. Wayne Scott is try to arrange for us to park near to the TR Register's stand. Don't forget that entry tickets must be purchased in advance and all cars must display a gate pass. Tickets must be ordered at least 10 days before the event. A circular scenic run of approx. 70 miles to visit Tenbury Wells and the Lower Brockha
  10. Hi Pete You're most welcome. If you wanted to come over to Bridgnorth and run down to Shelsley Walsh, that would be fine too. You'd also be welcome at the Shropshire Weekend. Just let me know. Roger
  11. Hi Folks All very interesting stuff! I too use Elf Valve-Guard whenever I fill up with 95 RON petrol (my TR6 has an unleaded head) but I normally fill up with Shell V-power or BP Ultimate - so don't use it then. TRGB recommended this to me, as an octane booster, when I purchased my current TR6 from them 8 years ago. They gave me a leaflet with details of this product. A copy of this leaflet is attached. Hope this helps. Otherwise TRGB may wish to comment Roger Sorry I don't seem to be able to attach a PDF file to this post - so here it is cut & pasted - hope you
  12. Please note that the gate price to enter Shelsley Walsh is £15 per person (£12 is the pre-paid price). To obtain the special Standard Triumph price of £10 per person you need to complete the attached booking form and send it directly to Shelsley Walsh. You cannot book on line (or at least I couldn't). Please note that Shelsley Walsh need to receive you booking at least 10 days before the event. Roger Sorry! Booking form not attached. The Forum will not let me attach a PDF file! Please go to www.shelsley-walsh.co.uk or e-mail me (recritch@aol.com) and I'll send one to you.
  13. Hi Folks On the Saturday of the Shropshire Weekend (18th July) there will be a run from The Halfway House Inn to Shelsley Walsh for the Standard Triumph Marque Day. The normal entry price of £12 per person will be reduced to £10 for Standard Triumph Vehicles. Wayne Scott has advised me that these tickets need to be pre-booked to ensure the discounted price and entry to the dedicated Standard Triumph area. Please see TR Action 282 pages 30 & 45 for details of how to book or use the attached booking form to order the tickets by post. Tickets should be ordered at least 10 days before t
  14. The 2015 Shropshire Group Weekend will take place on 17th July to 19th July. We will base ourselves at The Halfway House Inn. Eardington, Near Bridgnorth, Shropshire. This will enable us to visit the South East of the county as well as make forays into Worcestershire & South Staffordshire. The Halfway House Inn is a 16th century inn with camping & caravanning facilities as well as B&B accommodation. Please contact Mr & Mrs Williams at The Halfway House Inn as soon as possible to make your bookings. Full details are attached. If you have any queries please don't hesita
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