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  1. Many thanks for the reply's, there's some great ideas about storing the shell which should work for me as well. Just got to bite the bullet and make a start.....watch this space! Mal
  2. Hi All, Spent the last 2 years getting the TR in a reasonable state and is now running well, although a few things are beginning to niggle me. The panel gaps must have been set by Stevie Wonder and there's a few oil drips from the engine and gearbox. The car was subject to a previous body off restoration in 2007 but the current owner could not complete it and it was sold to the next owner who paid a garage to finish it. The paint work is not great, although passable from a distance, so i'm now considering undertaking another full restoration on it. I have the time and funds, to a point, b
  3. Madmal

    Spark Plugs

    Slight high jack of the thread but is there a recommended way to clean BUR6ET's? I fitted a new set but ended up balancing the throttle bodies and bleeding the injectors and now there a bit sooted up. I could always blow my fathers day money on anther new set....
  4. Hot it is then, thanks all Mal
  5. Hi all, The 6 has been sat in the garage for a few months so I was pondering the benefits of a cold oil change as, in theory, all the crud would have settled in the sump. If i start the engine for a warm change, the crud would be picked up and re circulated so it may not be the best solution, although the oil would drain quicker. Time, of course, is not so much of a problem as i could leave it overnight to drain. Does anyone have any views either way? Cheers Mal
  6. Morning all, I have fitted a Lumenition Performance Ignition System, which includes a 37kv coil, to my six and am pondering over plug gaps on my BP6ES's. The standard gap is .0025 but i have read some owners have gaps of up to .0040. The most popular gap, with uprated ignition systems, seem to be .0030 to .0032. Has anyone got any suggestions/advice about plug gaps? Cheers Mal
  7. Madmal

    Running Rich

    So currently running with BUR6ET plugs, which have covered around 40 miles....is there a better plug? Mal
  8. Madmal

    Running Rich

    It's a CP so maybe vacuum is not to bad?? If I blank off the outlet to the mu and cover the tick over valve the engine stalls but when connected the engine continues to run. Does that point to leaking mu? Cheers
  9. Madmal

    Running Rich

    Morning all, Just been out for a blast in the PI, running really well, pulls like a train with no smoke on overrun but a bugger to start. Ticks over well when hot and restarts fine, however, the problem is the mixture is very rich. The plugs are sooted up, but dry, and you can smell the petrol in the fumes. Its had a new pump and PRV plus rebuilt metering unit (from Prestige), lines and injectors plus rebuilt distributor (Distributor Doctor) and uprated coil and leads. Compression on all cylinders is about 180 and vacuum is about 8 although the needle seems to swing quickly between 7 and
  10. Madmal

    New Clutch

    Thanks gents, I'll check the pin and Moss. Cheers Mal
  11. Madmal

    New Clutch

    Thanks all, making a start tomorrow. Pretty sure its going to take me more than 3 hours though..... Cheers Mal
  12. Madmal

    New Clutch

    Thanks for advice gents, much appreciated. Any advice on where to buy the parts from? Cheers Mal
  13. Madmal

    New Clutch

    Hi all, Clutch on the tr has just about had enough so need to change it (the clutch, not the car!) and thought i'd have a go at doing it myself. Bit of research suggests no major concerns but would be grateful if any of you seasoned TR6 owners could shed a little light on the following: 1. Is it possible to just jack up the front rather than the whole car? 2. Where would you suggest sourcing the clutch and plate from as Rimmers etc only seem to supply pattern parts? 3. While the gearbox is out, i'd like to get the layshaft bearing changed as their noisy and also get the box checked
  14. Hi Alec, So would that be any Castrol Dot 4 or do you know if there is only one type available now? I don't won't to go through this again! Cheers Mal
  15. Hi Roger, Yes, I meant Dot 5, but I had already flushed through with Dot 4 after the initial problem a few weeks ago, where I assumed the car already used Dot 4. I now appear to have Dot 4.55...... Cheers Mal
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