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  1. Was the solenoid operating at all before you cleaned the points ??? Are they reached by undoing the two small screws once the protective sleeve is removed, Regards Duncan
  2. Roger, Thanks for your help, It is not dropping in and out of gear only out of overdrive, I have refilled with new oil 2 litres and will try in the morning like you suggest with the tunnel off, With the ignition on I can hear the relay and solenoid working. Regards Duncan.
  3. Hi Roger, The original fault was not engaging when it did on excelleration it would drop out and then go back in and most recently clutch slipping on engagement, Past replies were check the oil level so this is where I am, I stated that I thought it was a split pin I could see but on closer inspection it was the two screw heads I was referring too, It appears I have no magnets in place, Regards,
  4. Hi guys, Finally got around to looking into my o/drive fault, on removing the o/drive drain cap the filter fell out and revealed a bolt with a split pin through it, Are the magnets behind here once removed or am I delving too far, not a lot of oil came out and the filter was very clean, When I removed the g/box drain plug the magnet here had a few shards of metal on it, is this to be expected ? this allowed a bit more oil to drain away. And in total I have only got about a litre and a half out I am hoping this will cute the fault once topped up correctly, Thanks in advance Duncan,
  5. Thank you guys for your replies, I can hear solenoid and relay working so checking the oil level when I can will be my first task, Regards Duncan
  6. Cheers Austin, this was one of the first things I was going to check but getting someone who has the same fault was exactly what I was hoping for, Regards Duncan,
  7. Hi chaps, A few weeks ago while driving, on excelleration in third gear overdrive it came out of overdrive and excellerated then went back into overdrive, this would also happen in fourth as well without touching the switch, Today I have no overdrive at all, So could this be a symptom of a failure waiting to happen, and now has. I have read fault finding points to check on but was hoping you guys may have encountered a similar fault in the past, Thanks in advance Duncan.
  8. Peter, They both leaked from the joint where the m/c connects to the servo, so I feel the seal to bore fit is out of tolerance, Regards
  9. Peter, They both failed with fluid in the cylinder, At first I did not spot as I got fluid to the rear wheels and after taking an age to do the front I noticed the leak from the same spot. The second was a large amount from the joint again, The one I have now is from David Manners group and I was given some sales figures from them that the TRW part sales had dropped off and the part I had ordered had increased over the last two years. He had no feed back from customers as to any failures on these parts, The chap there was Jack Weston if you require any more information, 01215444444 Regards
  10. Hi All I do appologise for not naming the supplier in the past, It was TRGB and they have shown me the greatest concern as to why I have had 2 cylinders fail, the first leaked profusely from the joint to the servo unit while bleeding the brakes, They sent me another that had been tested prior to delivery and was delivered in a TRW box as was the first one but this had a Moss sticker on the packaging so I assumed they had tested it, Two weeks later it failed on a Sunday morning with not a lot of traffic about. TRGB have informed me that they have stopped supplying these parts from now. Having worked in valve production in the past using castings we had enormous problems with porosity within these castings from our Chinese supplier. I have been informed that the TRW parts with the LUCAS logo on were supplied by a Chinese company who brought the business and kept the name, Both these cylinders leaked from the same point though which would point to the seals and bore figment being faulty. The one I have now has no Lucas name on it, I have bled the brakes and will try them out this weekend.I am paranoid now and will stop and check while driving again I do apologise for not giving the full info and will fill in the form tonight Regards Duncan,
  11. Thank you both for the info, I hope the one I fitted on Friday proves to be OK. I have the original still so this may be an option. I wanted others to know there are faulty ones still on shelves out there somewhere, The supplier I got mine from are not supplying anymore due to ongoing faults, Roger, if problem persists with the new one I will contact the Quality dept Thanks guys
  12. I have posted before about a faulty brake master cylinder I fitted to my car,I have had it replaced with one that had been tested before dispatch and now this one has failed as well. This time while driving the car, Feed back before informed me that there have been problems going back over 2 years ago from a company TRW, this is the make I had fitted on both occasions, I have now fitted a non branded make as I have no other choices left. It was lucky this time I was able to stop with the hand brake, Regards Duncan
  13. Hi Stuart/Bruce It is a TRW part that was supplied to me so it may well be an old one on the shelf that has sat there since the original fault was identified,The supplier did say they have not sold one for nearly 2 years so it would tie up with the last incident of faulty ones, but I was told they were informed by TRW the fault had been rectified, It was not Rimmers or Moss that supplied this one, I hope they have a good one if mine cannot be replaced, Having it repaired may be an option for me if I cannot get a replacement, Thank you guys for the information Kind Regards Duncan
  14. I will let you know the supplier once they have had chance to investigate the cylinder I have sent back today, They have been very good to me in the past and I do not want to give any bad publisity towards them, if anyone is changing one within the next week or so I can PM them, For info though it was a Lucas imbosssd part but they were taken over I am being told by a Chinese company that bought the name, Regards Duncan
  15. Hi Roger, I have been told exactly this from the supplier today and I am sending it back for investigation as it may be a rogue one that has sat on the shelf and got through, Thank you for your reply have read many of your replies in the past for other queries, Regards Duncan
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