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  1. My car does this maybe 1 in 20 starts. The more I use it the better it seems to be. Very interested to see what others have to say.
  2. I picked an inertia switch up from the local brakers for £2. I think it was off an old rover. The one on my car was disconnected when I got it and was corroded inside. Bruce
  3. +1 for condenser. Had very similar symptoms and this was the solution
  4. Can you give us some idea of the costs for shipping a car from the US? Thanks Bruce
  5. I got one from the local car breaker for £1.50. Bruce
  6. That did not last long. The listing shows that it was ended by the seller.
  7. brucer

    underseal TR6

    I have used aerosols to treat my chassis. They come with a long plastic tube with a nozzle on the end. It is easy to push the tube through the holes in the chassis and twist the tube while spraying, to coat the inside of the chassis. My choice was Bilt Hamber Dynax S50. Good Luck Bruce
  8. I had a similar problem and replaced the PRV with a diaphragm type and all has been fine since. Bruce
  9. I rarely bother to check my fuel consumption. But recently I did a reasonable journey (150 mile round trip) and filled up before leaving and again when I got home.I was delighted to get 30.5mpg. It was mostly high speed motowray with overdrive but better than i expected from a old PI car. Bruce
  10. If it is defiantly RPM related it will not be drive train as this changes speed depending on which gear you are in. Will be engine, clutch or gear box related. Bruce
  11. Make sure you have ample provision to trap the fluid that will come out.
  12. The small section of the reservoir closest to the front of the car feeds the rear brakes only and the large reservoir feeds the front only. It could be that you need to bleed the master cylinder by cracking open the unions to the pipes. The other trick I found was that there was air (bubble) trapped in the bottom of the large reservoir in the small hole at the bottom. I found "ticking" it with a piece of wire I was able to get the air to come out. Hope this helps Bruce
  13. I could use those.I have sent you a PM.
  14. brucer

    New Wheels

    Minilites. I have them on my car so I would say that. Bruce
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