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  1. Hi Alec, perfect, thank you. Not too far away either so would be ideal. Many thanks Nick
  2. Hi Ian, Yes that's the one, Thank you. They look a little scratched but they may polish. Kind regards Nick
  3. Hi Roger, no, it is the rear lamp http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GRID006227 Many thanks Nick
  4. Hi All, I have just started to put my car back together after painting and have noticed that the o/s rear lamp has a crack in the lens. Does anyone have either a lamp or lens for sale. (must be mint) Many thanks Nick
  5. Stuart is correct, save your money. The only real necessity for the high flow couplings and larger bore air line is if you are using perhaps an HVLP gun coupled with an air fed respirator, and a specific blow gun for drying waterbourne basecoat.. You will see no benefit at all when using a DA sander or any other small air tools, in fact the larger hose is less flexible and will get in the way. regards Nick
  6. Hi Niall, now there's a thought, Matt metallic grey Nick
  7. Hi Frank, thank you, yes the blue does look good, I still fancy the idea of the dark metallic grey but as I still haven't managed to see one in the flesh I may stick with the original colour of Persian Aqua. One thing is for sure, I need to decide quickly as the car is now primed and almost ready to go Nick
  8. Hi Alec, Thanks for the speedy reply. Glad to hear that in the flesh the colour combination looked OK. I have always thought it would look good in the sunshine but was worried in may look a little bland in all but good weather. So, nothing yet to put me off. Thanks again Alec Nick
  9. Hi all, After some help if you can. I am about to paint my TR7 dhc and was looking for some help with colours. The car was originally Persian Aqua but I am going to change the colour, but to what? I have been thinking about a dark metallic grey as I think the shape will suit that colour, the trouble is I have not seen one done in this and I don't want to make an expensive mistake. I was wondering if any one had any pictures they could post or indeed make any other suggestions. It has blue interior so am limited in choice and I am not overly keen on any of the then factory colours.
  10. No that's the big question ' if the paint shop knows their job' But Alex is correct and as I said in my previous post, provided you can find a bodyshop, ideally one that has been recommended they will be fully aware of the correct process. Nick
  11. Hi Richard, As Kevin said most body shops will want to use their own primers etc to ensure the system remains compatible , I,m not familiar with the products you have mentioned and would want to remove them, however they will protect it until it is ready to go to the bodyshop. As a guide to the process , once the panel has been cleaned and prepared it will need to be treated with an etch primer, followed by 2k primer, this I would then block with 180 grit ( on a long block) to eliminate any ripples that may have been left from the repairs. It would then get primed again, flatted and pr
  12. I'm sorry but that statement is just not true. If prepared, painted and polished correctly there are very very few people who would know the difference between many different types of finish. I have been painting cars as my profession for around 30 years, stating with classic car restoration through too repairing modern accident damaged cars, with possibly the only exception being ultra high solid clear coat just about any type of finish can be acheived. 2K paints are a progression from what was available at the time (please also bear in mind that 2K paints where used on certain car production
  13. Hi all, I am looking to replace the carpets in my TR7 dhc and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good supplier. I would rather pay a little more for a set that fits. I appreciate that the type of carpet will have a bearing on the cost but as most suppliers offer various materials my main concern is quality of fit. Many thanks in advance Nick
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