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  1. My fuel gauge under reads and the temperature gauge over reads, I think they both played up about the same time, anybody have any clues ?
  2. For those of you sensible people that keep the TR in a CARCOON - how often do you renew your filters ??
  3. Get some black sticky back film, put it on, if you like then paint it- if not peel it off no harm done..
  4. Spray wd40 over the rockers and down plug holes everyday for a week, then change the oil.
  5. I have a carcoon for my 6 that works great, but if I had a single garage I would line it with king span building insulation, including the doors, floor as well, over boarding the floor with 3/4 ply. Easy to heat for working on the car and with a small heater keeping the temperature above 0 all winter and dry.
  6. If it's still a problem, l would get / borrow an endoscope and position it from under the car, preferably on a ramp, so you can see the catch them fabricate something to get there from underneath to release the catch - probably a two man operation. A couple of hours messing around with this method could save a world of pain.
  7. Anybody know if the side screen in the hood can be replaced, mine has developed a small split, the rest of the hood is perfect, it seems a shame to change the whole hood if a new piece can be heat welded in. If anyone has found a company that can do this I'd appreciate the info.
  8. The auction is this coming Saturday ............
  9. So what are the views of the " committee " on this one ..... .. And seasons greetings to everyone .
  10. I think I know who owns the Karman ghia - and it isn't this fella !!!!!!!!
  11. Another 2000 miles from new tr6 for auction this month in Kings Lynn http://www.angliacarauctions.co.uk/en/classic-auctions/latest-classic-car-catalogue/saturday-23rd-august-2014/2000-miles-from-new-tr6/ Will this make the hoped for £25 k. ?????????
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