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This year we were invited to 38 events (two weekends where both days counted as Championship rounds) with 35 competitors. 

For the first time we ventured over the border to Scotland and supported the Scottish TR Register meeting at the Doune Hillclimb. We also ran two Sprints at Kames and a further one at Doune later in the year. Unfortunately, attendances were poor apart from the first Doune, the only competitor at Kames lives in Cheshire. 

The venues where we had two rounds on a weekend were Harewood and Gurston Down. This format seemed very popular as it can make a long drive to a venue more worthwhile, we will be repeating it in 2024 and possibly at other venues such as Loton park. 

For the 2024 season we have been offered some more new venues; the Llandow test track in South Wales and race circuits at Mallory Park and Snetterton. The programme is still in outline stage and care will be needed to ensure an even spread in time and across the country.

Unfortunately, our sponsor of thirty three years, Neil Revington has decided to hang up his hat and we have had to look for new sponsors. What has been arranged is that the TR Register will help cover the costs of trophies and Sam Browne of Ridguard seats has offered to award one of her company’s seats as a prize to future winners as well as providing a financial donation. Because of this, we are going to rename the Championship. In future it will be ‘The TR Register Triumph Speed Championship’. Hopefully this will make it more obvious that the series is actually open to all makes of Triumph, will not need to be changed if/when sponsors change and makes it less of a mouthful for the commentators! (the term ‘speed’ is used by MSUK to cover both sprints and hillclimbs).

The other factor that affected our enjoyment this year was out of our control – it was the weather. Many events were completely wet and many either started wet or ended up that way. We are all hoping for a drier 2024.

Once again Len Olds was the man to beat in his rapid, silver TR4 (and occasional white TR6). Of the eleven events he attended, he achieved maximum points at nine of them giving him a solid championship win. And once again Hamish Roscoe was second. In fact both had the same score when using their best 6 and further scores were needed to break the tie. I managed third overall which, thirty years after I won the series, is quite pleasing. Class 2 was won by John Blake and his son Tristan gets the under thirties prize. John Weedon was second and newcomer and ex TR racer, Malcolm Chapman was third. There were no awards in Class 1 but Class 3 was won by Shaun Roche followed by Howard Holdcroft and Steve Small. The Lady’s prize goes to Sam Browne.

So the awards for 2023 are:







Len Olds




2nd Overall

Hamish Roscoe



60 but second on countback

3rd Overall

Larry Jeram-Croft




1st Class 2

John Blake




2nd Class 2

John Weedon




3rd Class 2

Malcolm Chapman




1st Class 3

Shaun Roche

Dolomite Sprint



2nd Class 3

Howard Holdcroft




3rd Class 3

Steve Small




Best Lady

Sam Browne


Best competitor under 30

Tristan Blake


The two non championship discretionary awards:

The ‘Greased Weasel’ for the fasted 0-64ft time – Hamish Roscoe

The ‘Spirit of the Road’ for the competitor with the best Championship score who has driven to all the events – Roger McEwen

With 35 initial entrants (two dropped out before competition started) we had two in Class 1, 21 in Class 2 and 12 in Class 3. All bar two competitors managed to compete at a least one event. There were five non TRs, three Dolomite Sprints, one Spitfire and one GT6.

Twelve competitors attended over six events and achieved a Championship score. Five competitors entered more than ten events.

Most popular venues were Castle Combe, Gurston Down and Prescott which was the same as last year. The Scottish TR meeting at Doune attracted 18 entrants but sadly only eight were registered in the championship.

The driver’s meeting and presentation dinner will be held at a new venue, the Holt Hotel, Bicester, 18th of November.

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