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Roadsport Class

Class 1A Less than 90 BHP / tonne

No entrants

Class 1C 111 – 130 BHP / tonne

Conrad Rafique, Wirral, TR6

Conrad has enjoyed an extensive motorsport career.  He started in autotests in 1987 with Scottish Sporting Car Club/Royal Scottish Automobile Club in Glasgow. His first sprint was at Kames in 1987 in a Mazda 626 and his first stage rally Galloway Hills also in 1987 in an Opel Kadett 1.3.  He was overtaken by a certain Colin McRae mid-stage.

He then rallied a Talbot Sunbeam Ti in ANCC championship, enjoyed a couple of class podiums with Slaithwaite MC.  The the late 90's things were getting serious with a pukka ex works Group A Peugeot 205 1.9 Gti.  Conrad was Rhyl & District Motor Club Stage Rally Champion 97, 98, 99. 

His last hillclimb/sprints were at Strathclyde Park 1991 in Renault 5 GT Turbo, previous to that Debden Sprint 1991.

After 21 years away from Motorsport he's back, this time in a standard signal red TR6. Conrad says it's a completely standard car, not lightened in any way, other than an aluminium fuel tank to replace the corroded original.

Howard Holdcroft, Stoke on Trent, TR4

Howard has finally bitten the bullet, and after 40 years of dreaming about competing, has signed up our championship. Howard has owned his car for three years and describes it as a beautifully restored car, modified by its previous owners. It was a concours winning car that was then modified into replica of the VC rally cars. 

Martin Paine, Lower Slaughter, Red TR6

Our three time champion.  'nuff said.


Class 1D Greater than 130BHP / tonne

No entrants

Modified Road Legal Cars

Class 2A Less than 130 BHP / tonne

Chris Smith, Plymouth, White TR3A

Chris enjoyed stage rallying from 1990 to 1993 where he finished 21st on Rally Britannia one year. Since then, he enjoyed occasional track days until he decided to have a final fling in our championship.

Chris bought his car from friend’s father in Bristol over 30 years ago who he believes had it from new. The car was totally rebuilt by Racetorations in Gainsborough in 1990 with further work by TR Enterprises in Nottingham to a rally specification. The car has (outdated now) FIA papers.

Nothing has been changed or rebuilt since 1990 other than electronic distributor added when Chris decided to use the car for hillclimbs.

Elizabeth Wakefield, Caernarfon, Red TR3A

Elizabeth bought her car in 2018, ran it for a year then had modifications to the brakes and suspension over the winter at TR Enterprises. Elizabeth collected her car just in time for COVID to close everything down.  So in reality the car hasn't been used as much as Elizabeth would have liked.  There' s been the occasional run to work, the 2021 Coast to Coast with Paul Hogan and TR Pyrenees. 

Elizabeth has also competed in the Tour of Cheshire and Vale of Clwyd regularity rallies.  We welcome Elizabeth to her first season in the Championship.

Ian Prout, Ackworth, Yellow TR3A

Ian has over 30 years forest rallying in a variety of Ladas and Escorts. He first started to compete in hillclimbs, sprints and historic regularity rallies in 2007 after he rebuilt Kevin's car. Frustrated by Kevin's lack of progress in getting his TR3A back on the road, he offered to sort the car expecting to do a bit of work sorting the messy electrics and the like. It turned out, the car needed a complete rebuild. An agreement was made. Ian would rebuild the car and together Ian and Kev would use it for a bit of motorsport. The car was completed 16 years ago and since then the pair have had little success in terms of awards but enjoyed some great laughs together. 

Jerry Vincent, Chesham, Black  TR7 Sprint Coupe

Jerry's first Triumph was a Herald 13/60 convertible that he rolled. Next came a TR4A that was written-off (not his fault this time, he claims).  Although he has owned and looked after his TR5 for over 40 years, he thought he'd try something a little less costly to maintain for competition, so he's recently purchased a TR7, converted to Sprint spec and prepared for road rallies.  

Jerry reports the car drive well, appears to have been completed to a good standard but feels it lacks the umph he'd expected so is going to have the carbs rebuilt before taking it to a rolling road.  

This will be Jerry's first year of competitive motorsport having previously enjoyed a  number of track days in various cars including his Vincent Hurricane, a GRP kit car on Spitfire chassis with an MX5 1600 engine & no weather equipment.  Welcome Jerry.

Julian Webb, Newton Ferrers, White TR3A

Julian competed in the Historic Rally Car Register championship from 1998 to 2009 in both a TR4 and an Alfa Romeo Sprint GT.

He now doubles rives Chris Smith’s TR3A

Kev Bryant, Screveton, Yellow TR3A

Kev first started to compete in hillclimbs, sprints and historic regularity rallies sixteen years ago following the rebuild. The TR3A isn't exactly the fastest thing on the track, in fact it’s often one of the slowest, but with its narrow road tyres, rear wheel drive and a decent front anti roll bar, if he gets it right he can enjoy four wheel drifts round some of the corners.

He bought the car at auction in 1998, ran it for a year and then it spent the next 7 years or so on axle stands in the garage. One year at Le Mans, Ian Prout, a friend who had recently retired from BT, asked about progress. Unimpressed Ian offered to collect the car and sort it for me. A couple of weeks after they got back from Le Mans, Ian collected the car. Another couple of weeks passed and then Kev got a call from Ian. "Kev, you've got a problem. I've sorted the suspension, tidied the electrics but the inner body shell is shot. The car needs a complete rebuild." A bit of research quickly established the parts cost would be stretching, but the labour costs unaffordable. "Don't worry about that" Ian said. "Let me rebuild and we'll use it for a bit of motorsport once she's finished." That was sixteen years ago.

Leon Newman, Cranleigh, Blue TR4A

Leon has been competing in our championship for the last two years. He drives a fairly standard TR4A but with lowered Koni suspension.

Michael Jones, Caernarfon, White TR4A

Michael has owned his car since 1994 and had it restored by TR Enterprises in 2016. Since then he has competed in regularity rallies such as the Tour of Cheshire and Vale of Clwyd along with several track days at Castle Coombe, Blyton Park and Anglesey.

When possible, Michael also uses his car for work in North Wales where he is an Engineering Manager.

Class 2B 130 – 180 BHP / tonne

Bob Mead, Moreton, White TR4

Bob’s car was an American import with just the right price tag. Assuming the car was abused the other side of the pond, Bob is keen to maintain this treatment.

Bob has been trying to win the championship since 1989.

Dale Strachan, Salisbury, TR6

A chance meeting in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere with an old skiing pal in 2016 (see Nick Smith, below) was the trigger for Dale to fulfil a long-held ambition to participate in competitive motorsport. 38 years earlier, Dale’s first car was a TR4A. Decision made. A TR6 was bought shortly afterwards, lightly modified for competition and first entered towards the end of the 2017 season. Enquiries of a well-known TR parts specialist as to cost-effective upgrades recommended the initial investment of around £1500 to instal a torque-biasing Quaife limited-slip differential. That would take a second off your first 64’ time. What sort of budget are we looking at for the next stage of performance? You have endless choices, they said, but whatever you do for every second taken off your hillclimb time it will cost around £10k. And so it proved. The best advice I had from Nick after that was never to keep a record of the expenditure, in case it should ever fall into the wrong hands! But all that really matters is that with each event the car is quicker than the time before on that course or track. It’s a great source of fun and friendship, with around 40 like-minded enthusiasts all willing to share their experience, and encouragement. ‘What are you waiting for? I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest, and either mechanical ability, deep pockets or ideally both.’

Hamish Roscoe, Black TR3A

Hamish Roscoe bought his 1959 TR3A in the summer of 2016 to enjoy classic car motorsport. The Revington TR / TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship embodied the spirit of club motorsport and the car had some history of competing in the TR Register events, Hamish decided to give sprinting and hillclimbing a go.

2017 saw Hamish join the championship. It was a steep learning curve with a new car and only having 108bhp but after a handful of events finished the year 2nd in class and 10th overall.

2018 saw Hamish fit an uprated front anti roll bar and some more sportier tyres. Hamish finished the season 3rd in class and 10th overall.

2019 Hamish finished the season a close 2nd in class and 7th overall.

The 2020 season was unfortunately cancelled, so 2021 saw Hamish take to the track with TR Register anniversary club stickers on the carband a newly refurbished but original steel hardtop for some events, despite the increase in weight. He finished the season 1st in class and 4th overall. 2022 Hamish will be trying his new engine and Weber carbs.

Hamish videos many of his runs and paddock views and these can be seen on his youtube channel along with some great period racing films his father made and edited in the 1960s.

John Blake, Barnstaple, Green TR4

John has owned his car now for over eight years and completed a full body off restoration in July 2020. He has used his car extensively for touring and has enjoyed many track days.  

Now John has decided to get serious and test himself against the clock.  We welcome John to his first competitive season.

John Weedon,  TR4

John’s career as a chartered surveyor enabled him to indulge in his love of motorsports, at first rallying a mini, but now more recently (well for the last 30 years actually) sprinting and hillclimbing.

He has been our championship champion twice before in 2010 and 2014 and is keenly seeking his hat-trick having come second by just one tenth of a point in 2019. However, perhaps is proudest achievement being that through his enthusiasm his son Jonathan also enjoys sprinting and racing.

John purchased is current car, a 1963 TR4 in 2016 after a total rebuild by the previous owner. He has since done a certain amount of tinkering, ie changed the camshaft and raised the compression ratio to 10:1; changed the chokes in the Webers to 38mm; enabled the overdrive to operate in 2nd gear; lowered the suspension together with negative camber; larger front anti roll bar; Red Stuff brake pads; and finally, John changed the tyres to Toyos which believes delivered by far the biggest improvement.

Peter Bonsall, Cumbria, Green TR7 V8

Peter purchased his car in November 1981 and has been gradually debugging it ever since.  His competition car shares its garage with his TR3A which he has owned since 1974 and his more recent acquisition a TR6 bought in the noughties.

Peter has enjoyed a number of track days over the years but now wishes to enjoy the sportsmanship, competition and friendship of our championship.  For the 2022 season he says he's going to focus on the northern events.

Richard Durrant, TR4A

Richard first competed in motorsports back in the early 60s rebuilding and using an ex race car with a highly tuned MG XPAG engine in a John Tojeiro chassis. Similar to, and forerunner of the AC ACE. Should have kept it! Then built and sprinted a 1961 Mini with a 1300cc MG engine (MGs again!!). Then marriage and children! Started again with a 185 BHP Westfield, and in the interest of personal longevity replaced it in 2004 with a nice safe Triumph TR4A for weekends and touring!

Installed a fast road engine, the bug bit and since then it has been developed into an uncomfortable sprint, hillclimb and track day car, to the limit of the bank managers tolerance!

Richard, now in his ninth decade, competes in the tuned roadgoing class 2B

Roger McEwen TR6

Roger is the 3rd owner of this 170,000 mile Mimosa yellow TR6. The car was rebuilt by the previous owner but has been Roger’s since 1997. In 1998, Roger started competing and soon after became our Sprint and Hillclimb co-ordinator only stepping down this year after 21 years in charge.

Roger started competing in the 1960’s in an MG Midget and Anglia 105E. Modestly, he’ll confess to a modicum of success in his TR6 which in 2001 was treated to a rebuilt engine to rally specification by Revington TR and is now fitted with a Ford type 9 five speed gearbox, a Quaife torque biasing rear differential and uprated suspension all round with telescopic shocks on the rear.

Samantha & Tony Browne, Farnham, TR4

Tony and Sam’s TR4 enjoyed a full nut & bolt restoration which was completed in four years in June 2011. It was rebuilt with sprint and hillclimbs in mind with the help of CTM for the chassis, Revington for the suspension and TR Enterprises for the engine.

Sam joined the Championship in 2013 in her TR4. Since then, she has competed in various hill climbs and sprints around the country. Her favourites are Gurston, Shelsley Walsh, Loton Park and Goodwood. The car is a trusted fast road racing car and never disappoints. The engine was rebuilt a few years ago by TR Enterprises. Sam has also competed in the Manx Classic event. Sam is always on the look out for ladies to join the Championship! Last year she bought the Ridgard Classic Seats company ( and is taking orders offering custom made high quality seats for classic cars.

Tom Purves TR3A

Tom raced karts as a junior and has enjoyed various aspects of motorsport over the years joining our championship in 2016. He actually bough the car as a concours winner in 2012 and has developed the car over the years both mechanically and cosmetically. It is now very competitive in sprints and hillclimbs with a front anti roll bar, competition springs and dampers, rack and pinion steering, a full roll cage, twin piston front brake callipers, alfin rear brake drums and for safety dual brake lines. The engine is upgraded to 150 BHP. Tom believes the car should be driven to and from events maintaining the spirit of the way these cars were used in period.

After a very successful career in the automotive industry, he is now: a Board member of Motorsport UK; Chair of Council for Motorsport UK; an FIA Audit Committee Member; and, a member of the FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission.

Class 2C 181 – 230 BHP / tonne

James Small, Bristol, SilverTR7 V8

Competing with his mother and father in the same car onw can imagine the competition is going t be quite intense.  This will be James's first year. 

Larry Jeram-Croft TR7V8

Larry, being the last man standing at the bar in 2020 won the dubious honour of becoming our Championship co-ordinator.  Any problems, and it's his fault.  Any praise, well that's down the good nature and humour of the Championship entrants.

Larry first started competing in 1988 in a TR7 Sprint and went on to win the Championship in 1992 in a V8. He was also one of the organisers of the Register Sprints at HMS Daedalus and then Boscombe Down. In the late nineties he also competed in the TR Register race series for six years, coming second in 1999 and gaining several race wins. After that he went on to single seaters with the Monoposto club again winning several races and their winter championship in 2001. He finally joined the Classics and Sports Car Club and competed in an MG Maestro for two seasons in two driver races with his son.

His car was purchased late 2018. It had been rebuilt in 2003 and hardly turned a wheel after that. It was extensively re-rebuilt over the winter. Every single rubber component had to be replaced. It now runs a tuned 3.9 litre V8 on a Holley, Quaife LSD, uprated suspension and brakes and is also used to go shopping and to the Golf Club.

Mandy Small, Bristol, SilverTR7 V8

Steve Small, Bristol, SilverTR7 V8

Steve also competes in Class 3C with his white TR7 V8

Class 2D Greater than 230BHP / tonne

No entrants

Modified Cars

Class 3A Less than 200 BHP / tonne

Bob Hooligan Barnard, Wixoe, Suffolk, TR4

Bob started competing in this Championship in 2015 after having his car completely rebuilt in 2014 as a faster version of the VC cars. He has had considerable success, especially at Loton, Harewood and Curborough. He had a very bad crash at Gooseneck in the 2019 ManxClassic whilst trying to improve on the 3 Class records he holds there.

The car is now almost ready for this year in competition, starting with the Manx. He also competes in CMSCC and does Trackdays both in the UK and the Nurburgring in his charged BMW E92 M3.

His nickname is ‘Hooligan’ for some unknown reason.

Dale Huxford, Surbiton, Red (in places) Spitfire Mark IV

Dale's car is an ex TSSC race car where just about everything that can be modified has been modified.  Dale has installed a new engine for 2022 and he's hoping that this new engine will be much more powerful than the old given that the crankshaft of this new engine doesn't yet have a crankshaft that's split into two.  

Dale has been active in our championship for about 12 years now and is also a member of the Sutton and Cheam motorclub where he organises sprints and rallies.  

Derek Pywell, Lincoln, Spitfire

Derek last competed in class 1A in his GT6.  Now with a new hip and go faster Spitfire (or should that be a new Spitfire and go faster hip?), he finds himself in class 3A.  Derek does all the servicing himself and competes for enjoyment.  2022 will be his fifth year in our championship.

Len Olds, Helston, TR4

Len started competing in historic road rallies in 1997 first as a navigator and thein 2002 as a driver. He started sprinting and hillclimbing in 2019 with Bentley Orchard

Len’s TR4 was developed in the 1990’s as a race car for the Swinging 60s series. After an accident, the engine was stripped down but progress stumbled, and it ended up being laid up for about 5 years before being purchased by Len.

Neil Revington, Black Beta (TR3)

Neil has been competing in Hill climbs and Sprints since the early 70's, initially in the Southern Hillclimb and Sprint Championship which our championship is 'son of'.

For years Neil competed in his trusty TR2 (at one time his only car) but over the years has competed in a TR4 and a TR5. Now the car of choice is SC011OB, a Triumph Beta with a difference; it's a TR4 chassis, TR3 body with wider wings and a mechanically fuel injected TR5 engine up the front. It's quicker than Neil.

Our championship sponsor.

Nick Smith, Salisbury, White TR6

Nick has been an active member of our championship for eight years now. During that time he has won the championship twice and been runner up three times.

Nick is now on his second car which he regards as a lightly modified TR6. It was rebuilt with Revington TR bits and pieces in about 2000 and has done 17000 miles in his ownership. 

Phil Brown, Wiltshire, Green TR2

We welcome Phil to motorsport.  His competitive career has been spent campaigning
dinghies and yachts at local, national and international level so the switch to motorsport is clearly something very different. 
His car restored by Neil Revington 1989/90 with usual Revington modifications
to a rally specification.  Phil acquired the car 10 years ago and after a period of time sorting the engine, Phil is now ready to put to some competitive use.  

Shaun Roche, Moulton, Dolomite Sprint

Now in his 4th year of competition; this year shouldn’t be so much of a shock this time around!

Stuart Allaway, Harlow, TR7

Stuart has owned his car since 2015 and this is his 4th year in our championship.

Tony & Samantha Browne, Farnham, Dolomite Sprint

Tony’s Dolomite Sprint is an ex-South African race car which was repatriated to the UK without an engine. He has run the car for a number of years but during lockdown, after the head gasket gave up at Combe in 2019, he has fitted a rebuilt engine from Sprint Speed. He hasn’t been out at all in the car yet but hopefully after a couple of shake downs at local track days, it will be ready for the 2022 season.

Tony is a member of the Technical Committee of the Championship.

Class 3B 201 – 280 BHP / tonne

Jim Giddings TR7 V8

Jim bought a partially converted to V8 in 1990. It was dreadful so he started again. His first engine lasted a few months. In 1992 he installed a 3.5 EFI engine from a wrecked TVR, perhaps the first to do so?

In 1998 Jim further improved the performance of his car by installing a 4.6 engine assembled from all new parts including the block. This remains in the car today but was rebuilt in 2009 by JE Developments. It now boasts 4596cc with balanced new rods & pistons, revised cam and worked heads. It has a lightened flywheel and DTA throttle bodies & management. The brakes are uprated front & rear as is the suspension. The car has been resprayed three times to a tidy, but not concours condition.

Jim began competing with the TR Register in his TR7V8 in 1992. His first event was a hill climb at Rotherfield Park, a long-lost venue now. His second was a real baptism of fire at Goodwood.

Over the last 29 years Jim has won a cabinet full of pots with many first places, including winning the Sevenoaks and District Motor Club Speed Championship outright in 2012.

Jim has been a class winner in our championship despite his car remaining road legal and driven to many events.

Robert MacGregor, Greatham , Dolomite Sprint

Experienced racer in a very well-prepared Dolly Sprint. Search Robert MacGregor on YouTube.

Rod Warner TR7V8

Rod first competed in our championship 27 years ago. He converted his current car to a V8 in 1995 and vigorously denies that he has ever polished his car since – hence the stealth black. It is effectively, a tuned SD1 3500cc Vitesse engine, 5 speed LT77 gearbox car.

Rod’s best result was a second in our championship in 2005 and still holds many of the bogeys in the old Class 2C. He complains he doesn’t seem to be getting any quicker. Rod is another stalwart of our championship calculating the points, managing the bogey times and leading the technical group since 1999.

Class 3C 281 – 400 BHP / tonne

Steve Small, Bristol TR7V8

Steve is an experienced racer and now runs a totally rebuilt car using the best bits from Hugh Maund's very fast TR7 V8. Not a lot of weight and very fast. But being fastest doesn't always get the maximum points, the faster you go the tougher the handicap gets.

Class 3D Greater than 400 BHP / tonne

No entrants

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