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The long - awaited TR7/8 headlamp panel (WKC4077) remanufacturing project has now reached a successful conclusion with an inaugural batch of 10 units now available.

The project, instigated via collaboration between the TR Spares Development Fund organisation and the TR Drivers' Club, has taken just two years with the help of Ex-Pressed Steel to bring the panels to market. Both organisations are urging that all TR7 and TR8 owners support the venture.

The manufacturing and product development has been undertaken by West Yorkshire based, Ex-Pressed Steel Panels Ltd, and are currently being held in stock at Robsport International, Royston who have etch primed the bare metal panels to aid preservation in storage.

The great news is that anyone who has their Triumph TR7/8 booked in for restoration at Robsport International and is in need of a new headlamp panel will be able to have one of these exceptional replacements installed on their car.

John Clancy said,

"If the panels are in demand and sell, then Ex-Pressed Steel Panels Ltd. will put the TR7 headlamp panel back into full production. This means that we can then start planning for the next TR7 panel project. However, if there is insufficient support then the plans to resurrect TR7 panels will end with this inaugural project."

The situation arose when British Motor Heritage in Witney revealed to a trade customer that they had scrapped the TR7 press tools and were therefore unable to fulfil a bulk order for TR7 front wings.

TR7 enthusiasts reacted angrily, as no warning of this action had ever been shared with the Triumph community. It is believed that the decision to sell the press tools for scrap was taken when the BMH Blackburn site was cleared out several years ago.

It was later revealed that, had advance warning been given, Triumph specialist Rimmer Bros. would have put in a bulk order to guarantee supply for many years into the future.

There are plans, if the new headlamp panel project is successful, to put other body panels for the previously much maligned TR7 model back into production such as front wings, outer sills, offside door skins and other items currently unavailable.

Panels are available from TR Register advertiser Robsport International: 01763 262263 or email or by contacting John Clancy on Tel: 01579 346716 or email: .

Prices start from £624.59 plus carriage.

Original NOS panel with new remanufactured panel in bare metal below.

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Emrys Parry

I have purchased one of these panels for my 2.0L DHC. The panel appears to be well made and urchase was very easy; I am now waiting for the proposed fixing template to be produced in order to fit the panel. (The fixing holes for the wing attachment bolts are not present)