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The early TR2s feature a couple of items which have not been available for years, one being the double thermostat housing fitted before TS1201E, Part 201522/105584. This assembly is pictured in the left shot on page 72 of Bill Piggott’s invaluable tome, “Original Triumph TR2/3/3A”, but depicts the housing with a blanking plate in place of a filler cap. A filler was fitted to the housing on TS1 and TS2, the first left-hand and right-hand drive TR2s, but it was found unsatisfactory because the top of the filler lay below the top of the radiator. Thereafter, a blanking plate was fitted to the housing and the radiator was provided with a rearward- and upward-facing projection to bring the filler above the top of the radiator. Because these housings are well over 60 years old and were cast from decidedly inferior material, many developed leaks, and, even if they didn’t leak, some early owners decided to replace them with the later and more familiar unit, depicted in the right shot (Part 202033/203781).

As it was clear that there was a demand for the original housing amongst those keen on originality, the TR Spares Development Fund decided to investigate re-manufacture, in superior materials and to a high standard. This project has been the baby of Christoph Mathey (in Switzerland) and Pete Cox, to whom the SDF owes a deal of thanks for doggedly working for more than two years to bring matters to a most satisfactory conclusion.

The new housings have been cast in aluminium, which then has been machined. The filler/neck plate is zinc plated; the bolts, nuts and lock washers are bright zinc plated.

The studs are not coated, but only the tips are visible. The units are complete with their 2 gaskets, studs, nuts, bolts and washers, and are boxed. In addition, an extra two sets of (spare) gaskets are supplied in a small plastic bag in each box, plus (for those who may not wish to utilise the filler/overflow) a drilled and plated triangular blanking plate as shown in the photo in Bill’s book.

To minimise the risk of damage in transit, the filler/overflow has been rotated 120º anti-clockwise, the unit placed in a sealed plastic bag, and the box filled with lightweight packing material. Thermostat and radiator cap are not included because purchasers will have these already, but Pete Cox advises that the cooling system of the 4-pot, wet-liner TR engine should have a cap with a rating not exceeding 7 lbf/in2.

The purchaser can decide whether to fit the housing as supplied, making the car appear as TS1 and TS2 were produced originally, or remove the filler/overflow and fit the included triangular blanking plate.

This reproduction is of a quality far exceeding that of the original, and can be expected to have a life of at least a hundred years, which should be good news to the great grandchildren of current owners!

Production has been limited to 50 units, and these are on sale as Part Number 201522KIT – it will be first come, first served, and when they’ve gone, they’ve gone.

The units are available from Pete and Tom Cox at Pete Cox Sportscars, produced in partnership with the TR Spares Development Fund.
Web: . Email: Phone: 01527 522646
Price: £234 plus carriage.

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