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First off, I want to pay massive respect to everyone on the front line risking their life on a daily basis to deal with this Global Pandemic, especially our brave NHS workers and care home workers. This is a serious issue and our hearts go out to the people that have been affected, losing loved ones and in some cases we can’t even attend the funeral, like when my favourite aunt died recently. Anyway, I’m not complaining, many people are much worse off than me, I’m blessed that my immediate family are all currently healthy and I still have a job.

So, what’s happening in Scotland, well we’re trying to keep connected via our Googlegroup Email Chat (other email Chat options are available, I think is the expression). One of the developing themes is should we be using our classic cars for performing activities that are absolutely allowed – like shopping, collecting medicine etc.. Well as Andrew Castell noted, he can accommodate a week’s worth of essential food supplies into his TR4. I also want to say, looks like he’s effectively maintaining social distancing of at least 2 metres!

Of course, some members are so remote in Scotland that they were in a panic when the 2M rule was introduced, as they initially thought the 2M rule was two miles, and they were worried that their neighbours were only 1.5 miles away and initially thought they might need to move home !

Cliff McKinnon, of Bo’ness Revival fame, was quick to reply, saying,

“thus far there had been no Big Brother pontifications as to what type of car can be used for essential shopping trips”.

So, he’s been rotating his fleet, from modern to TR3A, to classic non TR and classic non-Triumph, don’t want to mention E Type or Stag on the TR website of course!

Anyway, apparently fellow customers at his local convenience store were somewhat disapproving of a classic car sat outside. Which given he was in said store buying essential shopping, not sure why they were disapproving!

Our good friend Rob Jenner, (Mr Jaguar), also commented that he used one of his classics for a shopping and medicine run and one of his neighbours made it very clear that he was unimpressed.

Next time he took his X Type estate out instead had no such issues, maybe his neighbour mistook the X Type for a Mondeo....... Too soon ?

Charlie Girdler commented that he has had no such issues in his new home in the Highlands and has been using his immaculate with modifications red TR4a for his shopping trips, commenting a passing local Police car didn’t even give him a second look.

Finally, Andrew Walls could NOT be accused of using his TR7 for anything but shopping, and the answer to the question that literally no one has ever asked, how many shopping bags can you get in the boot of a TR7, and the answer is………….

Stay safe, and please remain healthy, strong and kind, we need to look after each other during this time, can’t afford to lose any members as a result of covid-19, we are already a rare bunch of people. My next article will be about some of the jobs we’ve been doing north of the border on our respective car.

Stephen Hall, TR Register, Scottish Director.

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