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First off , I want to pay massive respect to everyone on the front line risking their life on a daily basis to deal with this Global Pandemic, especially our brave NHS workers and care home workers.

Now, a sight you never thought that you’d see, a computer to fix a TR, where is the OBD port ?

Some clarity is required here I suspect ! My bonnet is locked shut, I’ve been using my computer hooked up to an endoscope to see what’s happening. So, I’ve managed to see the cable is not broken and the latch is moving, the emergency opener is working fine, so what’s the problem. Well, I still don’t know, so next job is remove the bonnet, yikes ! I must add though, that I’ve had advice from Scotland members but also from the Club Forum and I really must say the Forum has been super helpful. A big thanks to that community and I’d ABSOLUTELY recommend checking it out.

If your problem isn’t there, then post a question and you’ll be amazed by the response of people trying to help you, this is really a prIzed asset of the TR Register.

So, what else has been happening with our cars around Scotland, well quite a lot actually, and I’ll try to include as much as I can and my only limitation will be my competence or rather lack of when filing our members replies, sorry about that.

First up is our very own “Jack and Victor” from Still Game, check it out if you haven’t seen it, anyway Jack or is it Victor, step up Mr Alan Gibb. What has he been up to, well a failed starter motor meant he was busy fitting a new high torgue starter motor, which Is now in place and working a treat according to Alan. So, who’s the other half of Jack and Victor, answers on a postcard, and the top clue is he’s part of Clyde Valley a big part actually and the Jack and Victor show was proudly on display at the last Group Leader's meeting at Gaydon.

Moving on to the Swallow Doretti Registrar Richard Larter, he’s working on a quick shine and polish job on his Swallow Doretti,

Richard told me that he plans to have it completed by end of June, he then later clarified that he meant June 2025. Good luck and it will be brilliant to have another one of these magnificent machines back on the road again.

Gavin McCall Clyde Valley is keeping himself rather busy, the first picture is his 1971 TR6 coming to the end of its second restoration. The first was in 1992 where it featured in TR Action Magazine. the bonnet was resprayed on Saturday, one of the final coats. Awaiting de-nib and polish. Awaiting final exterior fitting, it should be on the road by the end of the summer.

Second picture, Triumph TR3A currently undergoing recommissioning after 6-year slumber. Previously owned by a gentleman who unfortunately became too unwell to enjoy it after owning it 54 years, initially received as a 21st birthday present. Donning its original hood and chrome.

Third picture is of a Swallow Doretti 1149, Gavin's first love ad currently undergoing long term restoration.

Charlie Girdler has been busy fitting LED headlamps to his TR4A, please see below for some instructional pictures. Charlie has also taken the step of creating a PDF instructional booklet on how to do this, so if you want to upgrade to LED, (and as Charlie reminded me it’s not just about night time driving) this is really a great safety upgrade for during those dull or misty days, I'm sure that's not just a Scotland thing ?

Vic Leitch has been bust renovating another TR6, and he had planned to keep it himself, but in the end he’s selling it on with some modifications for it’s taller driver.

Douglas Hudson from Grampian has been busy making this spotlight bar for his TR4, haven’t seen the pictures yet with the lamps fitted, but I’m sure it looks brilliant, and much safer in the dark.

Bill Pollock, concludes our round up and apparently his wife thought that he was self isolating in the garage, turns out that he was actually stuck!! After a short period of time, two days, his wife came out to investigate. His wife Val is looking for ideas on how to get him out of there, but given he wrote to me on the 13th April 2020, he might have rather a lot of blood rushed to his head!

Stay safe with your projects, and please use the Forum to pass on your knowledge to others or indeed to ask questions of others. And, feel free to contact me about anything that's on your mind.

Words: Stephen Hall, TR Register, Scottish Director.

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