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Step 1 : Visit and choose the Forum option from the community tab.

Step 2: You can view many of the threads without logging in or signing up, but you will get the most out of using Forums if you get involved with the conversation and participate. First, you must create an account! This is easy, click Sign Up in the top right corner (1) and read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use (2).
Step 3: A simple form pops up for you to fill out. Choose a name that will display to others when you post, enter your email address and create and confirm a password (1). There are then a security question and a anti-spam tick box. When complete, simply click 'Create My Account' (2) and you will receive a verification to your email address. Sometimes, some providers have over zealous spam filters and the verification may end up in the Spam folder. So, if it does not arrive in your inbox, check there first.

Step 4: It is really easy to reply, just read a thread by clicking on it and then reply underneath if something sparks your interest.

Step 5 : You may want to start the conversation yourself or ask a question. It can be done by starting a New Topic in whatever sub-forum your question best fits with.

Step 6: To post a new topic, give it a title that explains what the topic or questions is about (1). Then, fill in your main post with the detail of your query (2). Then you can post on the Forum by clicking Submit Topic. There are also options to create a poll if you want to ask opinions or offer options to other Forum users.

Step 7: If you receive a private message from a user- you will see an alert above this small envelope icon. It will also be emailed to you as well, unless you have opted out.

There are lots more tools, features and account preferences for you to explore when you get more confident with the Forum platform, but for now, you are signed up and posting! To access Alecs Inn, you must be a paid up, full member of the TR Register Car Club.

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Martin Endsor

I wish the boxes were larger and so can be read with ease