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Report by Hamish Roscoe

Curborough- the first event of the year for the Revington TR TR Register sprint and Hillclimb championship for 2019 the day was fine and dry but damn cold.

There was a good turn out for the club championship that has its own class that consists of TR3a. TR4. TR4a. TR6. TR7 of the v8 variety, Dolly sprint. Spitfire. Various numbers of each in various states of tune.

Nice to see Mr Boyd visiting. Well, race car support really for the drivers that have "staff" to deliver their cars to the venue. Many participants, however, drove to the event in their competing cars, a requirement of class 1 competitors.

Martin Payne deserves an award for the coldest drive. Setting off from home in the frozen darkness in his open TR6. I don't think he thawed out all day before driving home after the competition.

All the bonnets were open for scruntineering and it appeared that an individual was trying to set a trend of having the engine block the same colour as the car, I've heard of go faster stripes but ........

Everyone took it easy on the first practice run, the first run of the year to de-rust the reflexes on a very cold and gripless track.

As the morning progressed the second run was completed. Most stayed within the track limits but there was some excursions on to the grass but no damage.

The afternoon proved more successful and the two competitive runs got faster and faster for most. It didn't warm up much but the track did "rubber in" as they say in F1. Hamish achieved his personal best time at this track 75.09.

The last car of the day on the last run saw Steve Small flying his racing v8 powered TR7 to achieve the fastest time in the class and to make sure of this he kept his foot floored until well over the line. This resulted in a thorough brake test in a cloud of blue smoke and a small detour on the green stuff.

The fun didn't stop there. Often those that drive to the event tend to have little pop up tents to store the contents of the car whilst they race. At the end of the day the tent is emptied and the car packed- everything in its correct place, of course except the tent. These pop up tents just don't seem to want to go back in the bag with the threat that it will spring open on the way home !! However, after 20minutes struggling two TR racers resorted to reading the instructions to get the job completed. (It's the green one in the picture)

Everyone had a great day and a good turn out for the clubs first championship event.

Hamish Roscoe

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Dale Strachan

Good article, thanks Hamish!
PS Large green tent for sale, complete with instructions. No reasonable offer refused!