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The TR Register office received a number of reports from concerned members regarding restoration projects commissioned to Horncastle based business, S&M Triumph Restoration Limited. The reports have included allegations of incomplete restorations, loss of parts, failure to complete projects and unsubstantiated billing.

The club learned that a number of customers enlisted the help of two other TR specialists recently, to recover vehicles and parts from the company's premises. It is understood that some of those customers are currently pursuing legal action against the company to reclaim further financial losses.

S&M Triumph Restoration Limited, or Mathew Lambkin - Smith (pictured above) at time of writing, have not issued any statements regarding the complaints. However, the TR Register understands that the company, who had been forced to return unfinished projects and cars, has now entered liquidation.

It recently came to light that the previous owners of S&M Triumph Restoration Limited have re-opened a new venture called S&M Classics: and have begun trading once again under that new name and company.

Read the Liquidation announcement here.

Appeal for help in sourcing parts for troubled members.

We have been made aware of at least three TR members "losing" substantial amounts of parts belonging to their cars. All we are willing to say is that this has been brought about by no fault whatsoever of those members. We are in business and have to make a profit, as I am sure all of the members realise. However, sometimes traders and club members need to band together and help other members. This is one of those occasions. This is not a profit-making exercise, we are simply trying to put something back, and help members in need.

So, this is a crowd funding plan, by which I mean "parts donations." I want to help these members, who through no fault of their own, need parts for their cars. We are compiling a list of parts, many of which just need to be parts "suitable for reconditioning." Many of you have stuff that has been lying about in your garage for years.

Please DO NOT send any parts to TRGB or TR Enterprises, but if you would like to help, just email me for an up to date list of what is required. Thank you in advance for your help. Traders also are welcome to help, TRGB and TR Enterprises of course will do their bit, and once again I would like to assure you that I will make no profit out of this whatsoever.

Our e mails are

Gary Bates, TRGB LTD & Tom Boyd, TR Enterprises.

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