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The FBHVC are conducting the National Historic Vehicle Survey during April - June 2016. This survey will be the largest and most detailed survey of historic vehicle owning that the Federation has ever conducted and the results will help shape the future of the industry.

It is five years since the FBHVC carried out the last survey which some may recall valued the historic vehicle movement to the UK economy at £4.3 billion.

This time as well as surveying enthusiasts and those working in this arena the FBHVC are carrying out the survey in two distinct stages. Stage one was an attitude and opinion survey of a representative sample of the whole UK population over 16 years of age. Carried out by TNS, the premier researcher in this field, this was the first time this has ever been attempted. This part has already been completed and provides fascinating insights into the general public's attitude to historic vehicles. For example: 8 million people expressed an interest in historic vehicles; 1 in 10 people aspire to own one; 2 million people attended an event or regularly read about them in magazines.

To get maximum value from the survey we need as many people as possible to take part in Stage 2 where we drill down amongst yourselves, the enthusiasts, and get to the real nitty gritty.

Complete the survey now!

Click here to get started, it takes around 10 minutes

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