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Just two championship entrants, Kev Bryant and Shaun Roche attended a very damp 3 Sisters Race Circuit in late July and were accompanied by racer John Davies in his Vitesse.

Despite the driving rain, most drivers coming back into the pits after first practice reported much more grip than you'd think. Clearly, the money spent on resurfacing the track was money very well spent.

The weather didn't improve for second practice but at least drivers weren't spinning and despite intermittent, but frequent, problems with the timing gear we quickly got through the field of around 60 entrants allowing the timed runs to start before lunch.

Immediately the horns came out and drivers started spinning in the most inopportune of places, including through the finish line timing gear. Another long delay.

After lunch, the weather developed a noticeable patter: light rain, heavy rain, light rain, sunshine, light rain, heavy rain - you get the idea. Between being asked to prepare and starting the weather could change quite dramatically. Here's one of Kev's runs where he has two "moments". We ALL had moments.

John recorded the fastest time of the day, with Shaun second and Kev third.

John Davies pleased with his final and fastest run of the day

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