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For us, the TR International Weekend started on Friday 29th June for Cotswold Vale TR Register members David Roberts and Richard Durrant at the Blyton Park Circuit for a trackway.

Richard Durrant TR4A & David Roberts TR4A

The circuit is owned and operated by Ginetta, and as today was a non-MSA track day organised by Kevin Bryant, no timing apparatus was installed trackside and manual timing by any means was forbidden.

So, the object was to get out there, try to keep it on the black stuff, observe overtaking rules and HAVE FUN!!

On the above subject, I ventured on all four wheels to check traction in the gravel first time round, was able to report back that speed reduction was marginal........and didn't do it again....!!!

A selection of cars there included Kev Bryant's TR3A..

...cosying up to Racetorations demonstrators. Kev's car isn't damaged, and it was nothing to do with me anyway! (Refer back to Curborough visit last year....!)

This TR4 was trailered up from Cambourne in Cornwall....

First time out after engine rebuild, so a fair amount of fettling was needed. Similar paint job to David's car, but no V8 engine. Caused me a bit of confusion when I was lining up to overtake it thinking it was David in trouble!

Well sorted TR7 and Dolomite Sprint

A few campers....

TR6 and a couple of race/rally cars, possibly FIA registered....

This must be the most reproduced TR7 livery ever....

My car started to misfire erratically half way round the circuit, so I headed back to the paddock, thinking "*****, surely not electrics again, *****). On opening the bonnet – the reason was apparent....I locate the dipstick with a spring to stop it bouncing out and oil blowing outunder crankcase pressure. The spring had become detached and the dipstick had rotated to contact the coil terminal intermittently!!! Rapid application of electrical tape, spring carefully located, and off we went again.


So then we headed back to the hotel in Lincoln for a shower, meal and a couple of beers before going to the Showground on Saturday to experiencewhat was on offer......including the usual suspects with their carrier bags..

......But that's another story!

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