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New event for the TR Register International 7th – 9th August 2015

Sponsored by Penrite Oil, the TR Register is very pleased to announce it will be hosting a display of Triumph Survivors at the 2015 International Weekend in Malvern, 7 - 9 August. The display aims to be the largest collection of Triumph and derivative survivors ever seen at a Triumph or classic car gathering in the UK. An open invitation is extended to all TR Register members and members of other Triumph clubs who wish to display their Triumph Survivor at Malvern.

So, what is a 'Survivor'? There doesn't seem to be a formal definition for the term in the classic car world. However, most authoritative sources agree that a 'Survivor' is a preserved car, which is substantially original and unrestored. A 'survivor' retains the cosmetic appearance, mechanical components, with the fit and finishes it left the factory with. In essence, it will be a car that has survived the ravages of time and has avoided restoration. Survivor cars are certainly not expected to be perfect, just honest.

Another question that is often raised is what is 'original'? Many owners of restored cars believe their car to be original because it has been restored to 'original specification'. In the context we are talking about here, original specification is not original condition. An original car retains the original factory paint and other surface finishes, or substantially so. The panels, interior, engine, chassis etc are those it left the factory with. The bolts that hold on the wings and doors etc are as they were when the assembly-line worker tightened them up. The paintwork might also reflect factory issues such as where the factory sprayer might have applied too much paint causing runs or maybe not enough paint in other areas.

Original cars have the ability to capture the imagination in a way restored cars never can, where every scratch or factory flaw tells its own story. Every time an original unrestored Triumph is restored it makes every other original unrestored Triumph much more rare. An original anything is only original once.

However, a car that remains exactly how it left the factory over four decades ago probably does not exist, unless it's been in storage in a controlled environment from day one. TRs and many small chassis Triumphs are sports cars after all and, all Triumphs are supposed to be driven! It is therefore unreasonable to expect a car that is over 40 years old to retain its service/consumable items. Components such as tyres, electrical items (e.g. battery, alternator, wiper motor etc), hoses, brakes, suspension etc are likely to have been replaced during its life.

So, if you are interested in original unrestored Triumph and derivative survivors, then you cannot afford to miss this line up, it will be fascinating, captivating and informative.

The display will also give the owners the opportunity to talk about their cars in the arena, recounting their car's history and no doubt there will be many anecdotes of their ownership - it will prove a fascinating spectacle. The display will also be immensely beneficial to those currently undertaking a restoration project, as Triumph Survivors are the most accurate cars from which historical and technical reference may be gained.

To enter your car please contact Andrew Smith for a Car Information Sheet:
Email: or call: 07796 177115

Please note, it is not always possible to answer the mobile during the working day, so please either leave a message or call during the evening between 8 - 10 pm, or weekends.

Completed information sheets are to be returned by 30th June 2015.

The Triumph Survivor display will be held on the Saturday and Sunday of the TR International Weekend 2015 and the top three cars receiving the most votes will be provided with a year's supply of Classic Triumph Oils, whilst the car with the most votes will be presented with the 'Triumph Survivors Cup' courtesy of our proud sponsors, Penrite Oils.

See you at Malvern

Andrew Smith
Triumph Survivors Coordinator
TR Register

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