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So, inspired by Bill's (William Bourne) blog covering the restoration of Fiona's TR5 "Patience", I thought I'd document the rebuild of my (yet to be named) TR6 for anyone who might be interested!

My nickname is Panch (for reasons that are obvious if you look at my full name on this blog) and I've had my "6" for a few years now, and last year (2018) I decided to finally take her off the road and "sort her out".

She was showing signs of her age. A few spots of rust here and there, a bit smoky, and handling and brakes were a bit 'iffy' at times, but on the whole she seemed in pretty good order. I was told when I bought her that she had undergone a full restoration back in the 1990's, so was spurred on by the fact that this should mean she wouldn't need (too) much work from a body perspective.

I had access to a double garage locally, which I kitted out with all the necessary (and some not so necessary maybe!) equipment. I'm pretty handy, and will try most things (generally successfully), so I wasn't overly concerned by my lack of previous experience of the mechanics of restoration… after all, how difficult could it be??!

My main aim was to turn her into a classic car with as close to modern-day drivability and reliability as I could get. So, if you're one of the many admirable purists out there, maybe bail out now as you may not like some of the 'enhancements' I've done I'm afraid! Finally, these are my experiences, I'm not a professional and some of the terminology I use may not be 'correct', so this is information on what I did and anything you undertake based on what I say or do is at your own risk!

Anyhow, enough of the prologue, on to business... a couple of pictures of how she looked before I started working on her, doesn't look like she needs anything done at all does she?