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Oil change done with new oil filter etc, rockers re-adjusted, cylinder head re-tightened. More miles done. Now up to around 1,300 miles. As of 18th June 2018. These are pictures taken on a trip to Derby during May. No real dramas, except I felt the rear end was too hard and a tad too low and I still have a tear drop leak on the power steering. Well it is the shake down period when you need to get some miles under her belt, so that you can find rectify and tweak any weaknesses. So after this trip I changed the rear springs back to standard and adjusted all the shock absorbers to a soft setting all round. Much better so far and the standard springs give you a slightly higher ride height.

I've also fitted a battery brain. This is just a simple and a lazy way for turning off all the power by using a small remote control fob. Works well. Other jobs done. Re-adjusted the headlights and spot lights. They were too low.

The horns didn't work properly. So had to modify the pencil connector. There was a mismatch between the horn push and the boss. The horns themselves also turned out to be Chinese rubbish. They sounded like a scalded cat. Have now fitted some Lucas ones. Much better. A proper "toot toot" to reflect the character of the car.

We are now considering to put her into a concours. One at the Fly Wheel Show, Bicester 23-24th June and again at the IWE, Lincoln 29th June - 1st July. We have registered her a both shows, but a little unsure if this is the right thing to do. I am expecting the purists to pull her apart. We will see. More soon.