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December 2017

Haven't really done anything to the car this month, what with Christmas, cold weather. I did have her booked to have the hood fitted, but that got deferred until Jan due to the weather. I've decided to use Trimania near Wokingham to fit a black mohair hood. The cost for a tailor made hood, versus getting an off the shelf hood is more expensive, but not that much, and this option provides a really good fit. So as soon as the weather makes an improvement I'll take her down to get her fitted up.

January 2018

Started to fit the wheel arch liners. It's fettle, file and fiddle time to get them to fit. I've finished the rear offside and just about to fit the rear nearside. (just waiting for the pain to dry). On the rear I've got 3 attachment points on each side, using rivnut's and had to make up brackets (fitted to the rear bumper brackets) for each side to hold the bottom rear part of the liner in place. Otherwise it's going to flap about and break. When taking them on and off and on and off, I noticed the paint was getting chipped on the shoulder between the outer and inner wing joints. I thought once fitted, this might rub a little. So to ensure this doesn't happen, I've put some thickish acrylic tape on the liner shoulder. Which should hopefully protect the paintwork. After making the necessary holes, I've then painted with stonechip, then over painted in body colour and glued the edging rubber into place before the final fit.

The front ones are next !

Rear n/s rear. Steady brackets to stop the bottom of the wheel arch liner flapping about, with a rivnut inserted at one end of the bracket to allow easy removal.

The same was done the other side and here is a picture with the fitted liner of the rear o/s rear. So just 3 fixings, using s/s rivnuts and 6mm s/s bolts and bonded washers.

This is a picture of the front rear o/s

This is the front n/s with the brackets fitted and the drain pipe tucked up on the flange. The black stuff is Dinitrol wax

The front of the n/s front

The rear of the n/s front

The hood fitting pictures will follow soon.