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6th November 2017 - The BIG DAY !!

Today, she went for her MOT test, and passed !! No written advisories, but some verbal ones. The headlights need to be adjusted upwards. They are already on their max, so that needs looking at. Some readings on the brakes. The rear foot - both read 100, but the hand brake read 80 on the n/s and 97 on the o/s. F n/s read 247, F o/s read 245. So pretty close on the front brakes. Plus the horn wouldn't work all the time. But that's it. So a pretty good result in my book. So after the MOT - we checked the insurance was in place and went to the post office to convert her V5 to Historic Exempt and took her for a short drive to Paul's house. She spluttered a bit as you would expect , but she's back on the road - Yoh.. After 4 years, 3 months and 24 days from when we bought her and approx 30 years since she was last on the road.