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24th June 2017

Air pipes done, glove box done. Haz light switch connected and fitted.. I've also installed a double USB port inside the glove box for charging a mobile phone and a plug in point for the satnav, Interior lights and wiring installed. Thank you Den (Denis Carter) for helping me out with the wiring diagram. The TR5 didn't have interior lights and I wanted to have one on the inside of the windscreen, near to the drivers mirror, one on the tunnel and 2 footwell lights plus a master switch. The wiring gets complicated and made me scratch my head a few times, but with the help of Denis - bingo. They all work as I want them to. Really pleased. So, after that I was able to fit the screen top, drivers mirror and finish off the door furflex ends. Still got to finish off the fan wiring. I've forgotten to fit a wire for the pilot light, so I'll have to break into the loom and add the extra wire. Which is a pain. Again Denis was a great help with another diagram. Today, Paul came and we fitted the windscreen. A pretty tough job and I suspect impossible to do on your own. Well done Paul. Brilliant.

We also had a visitor to the garage today.. This freaked Fiona out. A female slow worm, God knows how it got into the garage. Jack the cat me thinks !! as part of her tail was missing.

11th July 2017

Radio fitted - it works very well although a bit complicated. I'm sure we will get used to it

After we have digested all the instructions. This is one of the Retro radios from Moss. Sun visors fitted (nice leather ones) and I've made up a small switch plinth for the over ride fan and trimmed it in leather.

22nd July 2107

1st breath !!!!!!!! - started and she ran - really quite well considering she hasn't been timed properly or the throttles set up yet. Can't find a way to put the short video on here. so.... sorry.

That's approx 27 years, since she was last running. Brilliant moment.

23rd July 2017

Trim fitting - what a fiddly job. All the trim came form John Skinner. Some parts worked very well, others not so good. Had a lot of trouble with the wheel arch covers. Well I'm not a trimmer, so it was probably me.

August 14-20th

Tried to fit the front bumper, but found the oil cooler was in the way of the n/s bumper support iron. So I had to move the oil cooler half an inch towards the centre by modifying the mounting plate and re-position. It took a while. Then the horizontal irons were not flat in their centre's, so Paul straightened those for me on an anvil. I then re-painted and fitted together with a new lamp bar and spotlights. It sits straight, looks good and I'm pleased.

Sept/Oct 2017

Earlier on in the year, I forget the date, but I damaged the drivers door when trying to fit the window winder mechanism. It slipped out of my hand when I was trying to get it into position and with the glass attached, it was heavy. I guess it's inevitable that you will damage something. Although that's not what i said at the time. Anyway it was a small punch out at the bottom of the door skin. I've just had it repaired and re-painted.

I had to strip the door again and re-fit everything. A nause, but... A very good repair and re-paint by Paint ShopPros. Very pleased.

Other corrections made about 2-3 months ago..The power steering pipes kept leaking due to the original holding plate not being able to clamp the pipes down properly. Paul to the rescue again and he made up an alternative keeper plate and stud. All good now.

Another issue, that made us scratch our heads. After starting and running the engine, we found that it just wouldn't run on all cylinders. One of the reasons, was that I had forgot to put one of ring seals inside the bango fitting on No.2 cylinder and we also found a load of rubbish (iron particles) on the flange. Doh..God knows where that came from ? I had already cleared out the new fuel pipes with an airline, and the tank is a new aluminium tank. Very strange, especially when it it was only No.2.

We then found that No.2 injector was leaking at the the injector end where it screws into the square union and the olive. Very dangerous. As it wasn't that noticeable. Changed the injector and the leak stopped.

2-9th October 2017

Fitted up the rear bumper, over riders, rear lamps and rear fog lights. I had an issue with the eye lids on the over riders. I couldn't find those pesky little spire clips that you use to screw into to secure the eye lids. I found them in the end from "Bresco". They do all sorts of odd fixings for older cars. Very good service. Then after fitting the lights, I went to fit the bulbs. One was OK, but the other !! The bulb just kept popping out. There were no grooves inside the lamp housing for the bulb pins! Chinese rubblish !! It doesn't sound much, but I lost more than a week trying to find another good bulb holder, strip down and re-build. Ugh ! Anyway, all good now. I have also inserted studs into over riders. It makes life so much easier to fit and locate the over riders into the correct position.

Next to fit were the rear fog lights. I made up a stainless steel rectangular plate (approx 3mm thick) for each side. Cut to length, width and height, so as not to show and sit just inside each side of the bumper. Then I made cut outs, so that they slid over the bumper irons. Then a hole in each end, so that they could be secured onto the existing corner bumper bolt and bottom over rider bolt. Next a hole made in the centre (length ways) of the plate. Then I made up another s/steel L shaped bracket - drilled 2 holes. One on the vertical to secure to the plate and one to the horizontal for the lamp bolt to secure the lamp. Sounds complicated, but was fairly straightforward. Both lamps are now positioned accurately each side and tucked up high and I can tilt the lamps backwards/forwards and from side to side, as I wish. So I'm pleased. Not brilliant pictures, but you should be able make out what I've done. Just got to touch up some of the bumper iron paintwork

Both rear lights, reversing now fitted, wired in and LED'S used.

Rear Exhaust pipes. As these are separate from the exhaust system, I've had them bent to shape and had cut outs made at the ends with deflector discs welded on the inside. The hope being that all the exhaust fumes will be deflected onto the ground, rather then swirling backwards onto the rear bumper. Well that's the plan. If it doesn't work, then it's not a big job or cost to change them back again.