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May 27th 2016

The next big step taken. Collect the body and panels from Malcolm (J &M Cars and Classics), Lewknor and take them to Gavin at The Paint Shop Pros, Hogshaw, Bucks, for the final fettling and the painting. I hired a luton tail lift and got hold of an old mattress to rest the body on and load of blankets to protect the panels. All went very well with the help of Fiona, Paul, and Joe, and of course Malcolm, John and Gavin. Exciting, as this should take 4-6 weeks. probably 6 weeks. In the meantime, on with the wiring plans.

30th May 2016

A side project now completed. The steering wheel and horn push. Specially made. Nice

1st August 2016

A re-assuring moment.After waiting for 3 weeks, the Paint Shop have started prepping the car for painting. The 1st stage was to paint all the external panels with expoxy primer.

Also the drain pipes being fabricated for the front wings - Sept 2016. Didn't like this design, so we have now changed it to a rubber option.

10th August 2016

The body now painted in epoxy undercoat and the panels being trial fitted. After this has been completed, then it will all be taken apart again. Then more epoxy undercoat, then a rub down, then undercoat. then another assembly. Then apart again for final painting..

19th August 2016

The body has now been put on the chassis for more lining up of the panels etc. Before this was done, the gaps and especially the bonnet were not lining up properly. From this experience it's very important to carry out the line ups with the body fully bolted down to a loaded chassis. i.e with the engine and gearbox.

These pictures have been taken when more accurate line up's have been achieved together with positioning holes so that it can all be put back together in the same place after painting. Still some more to go, but generally 90% there.

16th September 2016

Woh, At last, after a much deliberation, the colour has been chosen ! The body and panels have now been painted in Triumph signal red. Paint code "RAL 3001"

28th September 2016

And now the body and panels have been lacquered. Just the bonnet and boot lid, windscreen frame and wing trims etc to be fitted for transportation purposes. Then on Thursday 6th October she is booked in next door to have a tailor made exhaust system fitted by ARO Exhausts.Target date for the collection back to home is 7th October. Just got to find a covered trailer to hire.

29th September 2016

More pictures taken today. Next steps are to flat and polish, some more alignment work and fitting her jewellery, wing trims etc.

Here are the 2 guys that have done most of the work and preparations. Adam on the left is the painter and has done a wonderful job. The guy on the right (at the time of writing I've forgotten his name, doh...) but he has a bag full of enthusiasm and yet applies great care to his work. Brilliant.

6th October 2016

Now lacquered and nearly finished at the paint shop. Off to the exhaust place next door today. Pick her up tomorrow !

7th October 2016

The big day. Collecting Patience from the painters "Paint Shop Pros"

The experts ! inspecting the tailor made exhaust system fitted by "ARO Exhausts" who were next door.Very convenient. In case your'e wondering the end pipes have not been fitted yet, as they will be cut to length after the rear bumper has been fitted.

The tricky business of reversing the trailer down the drive

Made it !

Home at last with her brother