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Next - fit the gearbox to the engine, but first get the thrust bearing carrier machined to accept square pegs on the end of the clutch fork, instead of the standard round pegs. Picture below.

April 15th 2016

The chassis has now been separated again from the body, so that some small and final underneath repairs can be carried out and finished off, by Malcolm, the fabricator ( M & J Classics ). These body pictures were taken just before we lifted her off. Then we brought the chassis home.The weather was not kind, but heh, it's all protected.

Top bonnet corners strengthened

Door gaps looking good

Now need to clean the chassis again, await the machined thrust bearing carrier. Fit the gearbox to the engine and then mount both onto the chassis.. It's coming together... !!

20th April 2016

Here's a picture of the machined thrust carrier. Just slightly machined on the thick side to accommodate the square pegs. So to summarise. Stag forks, with Triumph 2000 square pegs. Hopefully a useful mod.

18th May 2016

A significant moment, with the help of Paul, the engine and gearbox are now back together and mounted back onto the chassis. A few more things can now be fitted. Slave cylinder, speedo drive, etc, perhaps the fuel lines.

Background activities. Currently planning the wiring/loom installation + some extras, supplied from a separate fuse box for front & rear fog lights, thermo fan, interior lights and so on. The bumpers have been sent to the chromer's, the seats have been purchased. Fiona is on a mission to source the steering wheel, and the dash board and door caps. The speedo and rev-counter have been sent for re-furbishment. The smaller gauges have been purchased. The next moment will be (hopefully) the body being completed by the end of this month. Then it will go to the painters for approx 4 weeks. So perhaps a rolling/painted chassis and body by the end of June. We will see. More soon.

May 23-24, 2016

Drilled holes in the boot lid aggh ! Scary. Then trial fitted the boot rack. All good though. Much rather do this before being painted. The boot rack is an adpated MX5 Mk1, stainless steel type.