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June 2015 - The wheels straightened (well four of the five) the fifth was skip fodder. They were shot blasted and powder coated. New tyres fitted. 185x70x15's . The trims took ages to refurbish. Very tricky to get all the edges and lines straight.

Managed to get some button stainless steel bolts and nuts, that look almost identical to the original mazak nuts. Before and after below.

April 2015 - The body going off to the fabrication shop. Being collected by ( M & J Classics ) Malcolm and John

July 2015 - Followed afterwards by the chassis, after all the alignments had been done. Well as far as you can without the body. More will have to be done at a later date when the body comes back from the paint shop with the engine and gearbox fitted, but that should be just fine tuning.

July 2015 - Work started on the body. The main panel work required. 1 new passenger floor, inner and outer cills, battery floor, rear valance, door skins, back of B posts and front rear deck sections.

Oct 2015 - Progress is slow, but being very carefully put together. It takes a long, long time to get things right. Worth waiting for though.