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August 2013

The strip down begins. Bracing fixed both on the door apertures and under the rear deck.


More Yuks... !

Overall though, the body wasn't too bad. I guess the underseal, which had been plastered everywhere did it's job. The panels identified for renewal and repair were, both bottom front wings - repair inserts required, a new battery tray, a new passenger floor, renew both inner and outer sills, renew both B post backs, renew both forward deck sections, renew rear valance and renew both door skins. N/s rear wing needs repair, the boot lid, some strengthening to the bonnet and repair the windscreen frame. Generally everything else was in reasonable shape, apart from lots of minor repairs, pin holes, wing flanges etc, and just needed to be stripped and made ready for painting. I say just, but all those small jobs I'm sure will mount up and become very time consuming.

February 2014 - Body off. A bit messy but looks reasonable. Well at this stage anyway.